Who would have guessed that people who mock things for a living might get into the occasional spat? The halls of showbiz are filled with wild and rumored feuds. There are many interesting moments, including Eddie Murphy discussing his career, Seth Rogen communicating about Will Ferrell at the Golden Globes, Melissa Villaseor's wonderful "Sandra Bullock going to knock over dominoes'' impression. Let's talk as to why we're all here: a jolly old celebrity fight! Even Seinfeld, generally reserved, became irritated when discussing a comic who has been "extremely harsh" about him in recent years.

There's no limit to provocations that can spark comedic feuds: joke stealing, professional envy, or just plain cruel remarks. Here are 15 times that America's favorite comedians have incited racial animosity.

The comic's name was suppressed, so inquisitive humor fans hoping to sample some delicious, sweet tea would be out of luck. Netflix seems to be a Joke; the Twitter handle released a sample of the conversation previously this week:

chris norm KATTAN MACDONALD CRACKED.COM In addition to questioning Kattan's sexuality, MacDonald told Rolling Stone, I don't find him funny. what can I say? Never made me laugh. Norm gives me a hard time, responded Kattan. If Norm says I'm gay, then put in that I say he's an *sshole.


louis dane CK COOK CRACKED.COM Comedy nerds were quick to point out the similarities between Cook's 2005 album Retaliation and three separate bits on CK's 2001 Live In Houston. The two hashed it out on an uncomfortable episode (aren't they all) of Louie, with neither side really giving in.


jay dave LENO LETTERMAN CRACKED.COM It's the comedy feud that got its own TV movie, The Late Shift. it's no secret that Johnny Carson preferred Letterman to take over his Tonight Show, but Leno ended up with the gig. Carson never guested with Jay, but showed up on Letterman to ask How pissed off are you?


chevy bill CHASE MURRAY CRACKED.COM SNL cast members already resented the departed Chase before he returned to host in 1978. When Chevy brought his prickly, bossy attitude with him, Murray called him out. After trading insults about unsatisfied spouses and bad skin conditions, the two grappled before Belushi pulled them apart.


arsenio roseanne HALL BARR CRACKED.COM Arsenior started the beef by televising unflattering pictures of Roseanne and Tom Arnold in their swimming suits Barr fired back with shots at Hall in her Vegas stand-up act. The two of them patched things up on a touchy-feely episode of Hall's talk show.


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