15 Comedy Feuds That Weren’t Always Funny

Who wouldn’t pay to see David Cross wrestle Larry the Cable Guy?
15 Comedy Feuds That Weren’t Always Funny

Who would have guessed that people who mock things for a living might get into the occasional spat? The halls of showbiz are filled with wild and rumored feuds. There are many interesting moments, including Eddie Murphy discussing his career, Seth Rogen communicating about Will Ferrell at the Golden Globes, Melissa Villaseor's wonderful "Sandra Bullock going to knock over dominoes'' impression. Let's talk as to why we're all here: a jolly old celebrity fight! Even Seinfeld, generally reserved, became irritated when discussing a comic who has been "extremely harsh" about him in recent years.

There's no limit to provocations that can spark comedic feuds: joke stealing, professional envy, or just plain cruel remarks. And let's be honest: these people are witty for a living and know full well how to shoot down an opponent. That kind of skill set and experience can make for some very entertaining scraps, which you're about to see. 


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