15 Times Product Placement Made A Movie Look Totally Ridiculous

Hyundai’s zombie-proof Tucson made 'The Walking Dead' look more like a commercial than a gritty apocalypse.
15 Times Product Placement Made A Movie Look Totally Ridiculous

Ah, the world of product placement. It’s a strange, sometimes dangerous game of tug-of-war between brands and filmmakers, where the stakes are high and the results can be unpredictable. From dinosaurs and death to donuts and zombies, this list of product placement missteps is a testament to the power of the almighty dollar. 

It’s a wild ride, with companies like Samsung, American Airlines, Microsoft, and Bud Light all making appearances. We’ve got Charlie Sheen’s flop, Jamie Foxx’s Jordans, and Frank Underwood’s PS Vita. And if that’s not enough, we’ve got Taco Bell ruling the future, Hyundai zombie-proofing their rides, and a Krispy Kreme donut shop hiding a powerful crystal.

So strap in and join us for a journey through the highs and lows of product placement. From the ridiculous to the sublime, these stories will make you laugh, cry, and maybe even think twice before you take a sip of that Bud Light.

Brad Pitt’s Pepsi break.

Product Placement World War Z PEPSI Fans criticized the Pepsi scene. Brad Pitt taking a sip almost made it look like a commercial, ruining the intense moment that came just before that. CRACKED

Paramount Pictures


Transformers: Bud Light Edition?

Product Placement Transformers: Age of Extinction BUD LIGHT The fourth Transformers movie has so much product placement that it's a total joke, like Bud Light cans everywhere (and Mark Wahlberg drinking one of them). It becomes totally distracting. BUD f 2 I I LH2 В ana CRACKED

Paramount Pictures


Jordans: Taking it to the White House!

Product Placement White House Down AIR JORDANS Air Jordans have been in lots of movies and TV shows, especially in the '90s. But White House Down takes it up a notch, as Jamie Foxx's character even yells Hands off my Jordans! in a fight scene. CRACKED

Columbia Pictures


The future’s looking grim — Taco Bell’s the king!

Product Placement SAAD Demolition Man SBP TACO BELL SAN AND POLICE John Spartan is shocked to find that in 2032, Taco Bell is the only restaurant left -the outcome of the Franchise Wars. Why? Well, McDonald's and Burger King passed on the product placement. HO CRACKED

Warner Bros.


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