20 Movies That Switch Genres Mid-Story

You can get whiplash from the swerves these take. (Spoiler alert, of course.)
20 Movies That Switch Genres Mid-Story

If you think about it, there is no real reason for us to associate plot twists with late plot developments. Why couldn’t plot twists come way earlier? And in that case, wouldn’t they change the entire genre of the movie they’re in? And couldn’t we devote a Pictofact to such early plot twists? And couldn’t we write an entire introduction for that Pictofact just with annoying rhetorical questions that go nowhere? We don’t know, could we? Is this it? Are we ourselves getting tired of this bit? Maybe? Alright, we’re done.

In this Pictofact, we don’t examine awesome plot twists (we’re still thinking about that one), but rather movies that feature surprising genre-switching turns right at their mid-point. So you know what this means: spoiler alert. Seriously, this article is nothing but spoilers, because that’s the point: Discussing films that seem all cozy in their genres, but then hit us from out of nowhere with a whole new plot development that transforms their very narrative framework. Is this an awesome idea for a Pictofact or what? It is? No, not this thing with the annoying questions again? Will we begin with From Dusk til Dawn? What do you think?

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