20 Friendly Facts About Quentin Tarantino & Robert Rodriguez Collaborations

It's high time these two team up again, isn't it?
20 Friendly Facts About Quentin Tarantino & Robert Rodriguez Collaborations

Young readers may not remember this, because they live in a world in which Grindhouse and Sin City exist (and, well, apparently also that Sin City sequel, somehow), but those movies represented the last major collaborations between Tarantino and Rodriguez, which can help create the illusion that they used to be awesome. The collaborations, we mean. And they were. Kinda. Four Rooms was never too good, while Grindhouse, Sin City, and the former’s two, derivative twin, movies, Death Proof and Planet Terror, are pretty awesome themselves. Yet back in the day there was much more promise – just because cult, exploitation, and B-movies hadn’t gone mainstream, and so in that pre-internet time Rodriguez and Tarantino could well exist as the representatives of non-Hollywood weirdness. And then the Spy Kids movies happened.

Alright, that was unfair. Our point is that really back in the day, when Tarantino meant Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction, and Rodriguez meant El Mariachi and Desperado, something like From Dusk Till Dawn was (and we cannot stress this enough) the most awesome thing in the world. Now, let us be clear in case there’s any confusion: lots of their later collaborations are equally great. And of course, their individual films are too: Once Upon A Time in Hollywood is amazing, and Alita: Battle Angel is, erm, a movie that exists. But while the spark of the Tarantino + Rodriguez combo seems to be gone, in this Pictofact we honor it with 20 friendly facts about their cinematic friendship. Now, we’ve devoted lots of attention to both Tarantino and Rodriguez. Here, however, we’re strictly focusing on their joint works, because the world is not ready yet for “20 Facts About We Can Be Heroes.”

Directing 'From Dusk Till Dawn'

QUENTIN TARANTINO + ROBERT RODRIGUEZ FROM DUSK TILL DAWN TARANTINO WAS GOING TO DIRECT. In the end, though, he found that being a writer, actor, and director at the same time was too much. Не considered Renny Harlin and Tony Scott for the job, before landing on Rodriguez. CRACKED.COM

Source: Screen Rant

George Clooney's Tattoo in 'From Dusk Till Dawn'

QUENTIN TARANTINO + ROBERT RODRIGUEZ FROM DUSK TILL DAWN THE TATTOO WAS GEORGE CLOONEY'S IDEA. Clooney had just seen a similar tattoo in the cult New Zealand drama Once Were Warriors (itself an early role for Boba Fett himself, Temuera Morrison). CRACKED.COM

Source: Cinemablend

Sheriff McGraw in 'From Dusk Till Dawn'

QUENTIN TARANTINO + ROBERT RODRIGUEZ a S BACK FROM DUSK TILL DAWN SHERIFF EARL MCGRAW IS KIND OF A WATCHER OF THE TARANTINO- RODRIGUEZ MULTIVERSE. The character played by Michael Parks dies early in the movie, but then magically reappears in Planet Terror, Death Proof, and Kill Bill Vol. 1. Quentin, Robert: there, there's your next collaboration. CRACKED.COM

Source: Mental Floss

Quentin Tarantino in 'Desperado'

QUENTIN TARANTINO + ROBERT RODRIGUEZ DESPERADO TARANTINO'S CAMEO WAS SUPPOSED TO BE STEVE BUSCEMI. Rodriguez gave Tarantino the part when he showed interest. Tarantino's other big contribution to the Mariachi Trilogy is the title Once Upon a Time in Mexico (he seems to like once upon a time). CRACKED.COM

Source: IMDb

Origins of 'Grindhouse'

QUENTIN TARANTINO + ROBERT RODRIGUEZ QUENTIN HOPE FOR HUMANITY... These . woman TARANTINO - about - - * dishofical mani $ ON A HIGH-POWER MACHINE GUN! ROBERT RODRIGUEZ 100 the and - BACK to BACK! KURT RUSSELL GRINDHOUSE THE MOVIE EXISTS BECAUSE TARANTINO AND RODRIGUEZ OWNED THE SAME POSTER. Tarantino held actual double features at home, complete with trailers. During one of these, Rodriguez noticed a double feature poster he also had, and asked Tarantino if he wanted to recreate the tradition. WO GREAT MOVIES FOR THE PRICE OF CRACKED.COM

Source: Wikipedia

'Death Proof' and 'Wolf Creek'

QUENTIN TARANTINO + ROBERT RODRIGUEZ SHELTER DEATH PROOF TARANTINO PAYS TRIBUTE TO THE 2005 HORROR FILM WOLF CREEK. Stuntman Mike was going to be played by Wolf Creek actor John Jarrat before the role went to Kurt Russell. In the end, Mike crashes into an for the film. CRACKED.COM

Source: Screen Rant

Bruce Willis in 'Four Rooms'

QUENTIN TARANTINO + ROBERT RODRIGUEZ FOUR ROOMS BRUCE WILLIS APPEARED FOR FREE AS A FAVOR TO TARANTINO. There was the problem, however, that acting for no money broke SAG rules. But the guild agreed not to take any action against Willis if he wasn't credited. CRACKED.COM

Source: IMDb

'The Customer is Always Right' in 'Sin City'

QUENTIN TARANTINO + ROBERT RODRIGUEZ SIN CITY FRANK MILLER DIDN'T WANT ANY MOVIES OF HIS COMICS AT THE TIME. Не changed his mind when he saw the clip Rodriguez had prepared. If you like this, Rodriguez told Miller, this will be the opening to the movie. If not, you'll have your own short film to show your friends. CRACKED.COM

Source: Uproxx

Tarantino's Scene in 'Sin City'

QUENTIN TARANTINO + ROBERT RODRIGUEZ SIN CITY TARANTINO DIRECTED A SCENE FOR MUSICAL REASONS. Robert Rodriguez had written a sweet guitar score that Tarantino wanted for Kill Bill Vol. 2, and Rodriguez agreed to sell it to him for just one dollar -under one condition. CRACKED.COM

Source: Uproxx

Writing Credit in 'Sin City'

QUENTIN TARANTINO + ROBERT RODRIGUEZ SIN CITY THE MOVIE DOES NOT HAVE A WRITING CREDIT. Rodriguez conceived it as a direct translation of Frank Miller's comics, so there's actually no one to give credit to besides Miller himself. CRACKED.COM

Source: Uproxx

Bruce Willis in 'Planet Terror'

QUENTIN TARANTINO + ROBERT RODRIGUEZ PLANETTERROR THE BRUCE WILLIS DEFICIENCY IS INTENTIONAL. Willis filmed his already short scenes without the main cast, despite his prominent place in the credits. The idea was to replicate the gimmicks of actual '70s grindhouse movies, which would boast their most famous performers despite their little screen time. UZ 230 CRACKED.COM

Source: Screen Rant

Zombies in 'Planet Terror'

QUENTIN TARANTINO + ROBERT RODRIGUEZ PLANETTERROR RODRIGUEZ SAW THE ZOMBIE CRAZE COMING-AND DROPPED THE BALL. Back in 1998, Rodriguez wrote the first pages of a draft to get ahead of the zombie comeback he felt was about to happen - and then forgot about it. Не only got to it when zombie movies were already here, saying: Ah, I knew that I should've made . CRACKED.COM

Source: Wikipedia


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