20 Deeply Disturbing Movies (Which Aren’t 'Cats')

20 Deeply Disturbing Movies (Which Aren’t 'Cats')

Yeah, sorry, we really won’t be including Cats in this list. That movie, to be sure, was terrifying, and we’ve written a lot to cope with the trauma (that was its obsession with cat buttholes). However, here we’re actually focusing on deeply disturbing movies. Let’s put it like this: do you ever feel like watching a movie that really messes you up? We’re not only talking about horror movies. Sure, we’ve proven over and over that we love horror, and if you still haven’t seen X, get to it. But no, we’re referring to disturbing movies as a genre in itself.

Indeed, in this Pictofact we’re talking about the sort of movies one wants to see when one wants to get really depressed (hey, some of us have that sort of trusting relation to cinema, don’t judge). We’re discussing disturbing, unsettling, day-ruining movies. Some belong to the horror genre, while others are dramas or psychological thrillers. Some are American, some are from Countries with Subtitles. In every single case, however, they’re the sort of movies that’ll leave staring blankly at the horizon for a while. So next time you’re in the mood for that sort of movie? Cracked’s got you covered, baby. Oh, and also if you’re still interested in cat buttholes.

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