Cracked readers (Crackers? Crack-os? Crackheads?) will not be surprised to know we love horror. And not only the horrors of growing old, but also, you know, horror movies. We’ve devoted more time on this site to deconstructing horror movies than we’ve given to our own families, and you know what? We regret nothing. Yet in all these masterful analyses, we haven’t touched the queens of the horror genr– wait, that came out wrong. We mean that the one subject we haven’t really discussed are actresses that have achieved said legendary status by performing in one iconic horror movie or by acting in a bunch of them. Either way, both the horny teenagers and the respectful film buffs in us love them.

In this context, we bring you a bunch of awesome facts about horror’s greatest scream queens. Now, we’ve focused on the more iconic, your Neves and Jamie Lees that simply can’t be ignored when dealing with this topic, but we’ve also added some scream queens that deserve way more recognition. Really, the Scream Queen Pantheon is so extensive that we couldn’t have possibly included them all. Thus, apologies to icons of the genre like P. J. Soles, Sandra Peabody, Veronica Cartwright, or Caroline Munro, who are still awesome in our book. For example, did you know Munro is the only actress ever to have been actually hired long-term by Hammer? That is just cool – well, ignoring the institutional misogyny. Anyway, here are 20 more facts about scream queens to just scream your heart out.

Jamie Lee Curtis, Making History on Her First Try

Scream Queens Jamie Lee Curtis was in no movies before Halloween. The classic slasher movie was Curtis' first feature film role - she had only had a handful of TV gigs before that. She would go on to make five horror movies in the next three years, including The Fog, Prom Night, and Halloween II. CRACKED.COM

Source: Wikipedia

Drew Barrymore's Artistic Vision in 'Scream'

Scream Queens Drew Barrymore stepped down from the lead role in Scream. Barrymore was kind of a horror icon when she was offered the role of Sidney Prescott. She thought it'd be much more shocking if she was the the first character to die, rather than the final girl. Wes Craven agreed, and the rest is horror history. CRACKED.COM

Source: People

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There's Something About Lin Shaye

Scream Queens Lin Shaye is a scream queen legend. With almost 30 horror movies in her resume (including Insidious, The Grudge, and A Nightmare on Elm Street), Shaye is queen among queens. She also has a classic contribution to comedy as Magda, the hyper-tanned lady in There's Something About Mary. CRACKED.COM

Source: Wikipedia

Sarah Michelle Gellar vs. McDonald's

Scream Queens Sarah Michelle Gellar was central to a corporate lawsuit when she was five. One of Gellar's very first acting gigs was in a Burger King ad where she dissed McDonald's. McDonald's retaliated with a lawsuit, which mentioned Gellar by name. She wasn't banned from McDonald's, but it sure was awkward. CRACKED.COM

Source: HuffPost

Nancy Thompson’s Technical Contributions to Horror

Scream Queens Heather Langenkamp runs a makeup-FX company with her husband. The company, named AFX Studio, has provided makeup effects for movies like Dawn of the Dead, The Cabin in the Woods, and Star Trek Into Darkness. CRACKED.COM

Neve Campbell's Breakout

Scream Queens Neve Campbell had her breakout role in Party of Five. Wes Craven first saw her on the TV show, and asked her to audition forScream precisely because of her ability to play innocent characters who still had emotional depth and physical strength. CRACKED.COM

Source: Wikipedia

Joan Crawford and Steven Spielberg

Scream Queens Joan Crawford worked with a young Steven Spielberg. After the success of 1962's Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? Crawford found herself typecast in mediocre horror films. She also did an episode of the Night Gallery TV series, directed by an up-and-coming Steven Spielberg. CRACKED.COM

Source: WhatCulture

Linda Blair's Personal Horror

Scream Queens Linda Blair lived her own horror movie. After playing Regan MacNeil in The Exorcist, a young Blair found herself typecast and suffocated by insane media attention. Even worse, she was also harassed and even got death threats from weirdos who couldn't tell her apart from her possessed character. CRACKED.COM

Source: Looper


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