Musicals are awesome. They can be disastrous, creepy, or creepier, but they all work with these strange rules where people just start singing and dancing, while we instead get weird looks when trying to make a musical meet cute happen on the subway. So you can blame people for the fact we’re not discussing musicals. Nope, instead, this Pictofact is devoted to just random musical sequences in non-musical movies. Yes, exactly like the Cuban Pete scene in The Mask, except that one didn’t make the cut. Well, it did here, in this intro, but not in the list, you get it. Alright, segue!

We’re taking a look at a bunch of musical sequences that come out of nowhere: we mean scenes where characters start singing and/or dancing, scenes that call more attention than usual to their songs, whatever fits the concept and was not that 500 Days of Summer scene we just remembered existed (and that was anticipated by the opening of 2001’s Get Over It, but whatever, who’s keeping track?). Wait, now that we’re keeping track, we just noticed we missed a lot of classics, like this one, this one, and this one, which are just the same link because we really really like that scene. Anyway, now that you've got the concept (unlike those normies that can’t sing on cue on the subway), let’s go!

Pee-wee's Big Adventure

Random Musical Numbers Pee-wee's Big Adventure Tequila MT Cools After pissing off a biker gang, Pee-wee asks for one last wish before they kill him: dancing to Tequila in super-high-heel boots (which earns him the bikers' respect). CRACKED.COM

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Shaolin Soccer

Random Musical Numbers Shaolin Soccer Californiá Dreamin''' The movie features martial arts, soccer, clunky early-2000s CGI, and a hilarious drunk rendition of what sounds like California Dreamin''' in front of a completely uninterested crowd. Bottle throwing ensues. CRACKED.COM

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Random Musical Numbers Singles The Alice in Chains gig Singles is such a misguided movie, Cameron Crowe actually stuck in scenes making fun of grunge at the same time Alice in Chains plays in the background. Still, at least he had the sense to put actual footage of the band playing two great songs. CRACKED.COM

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She's Gotta Have It

Random Musical Numbers PAPPY BIRTHDAY ROLA She's Gotta Have It X-MeN Happy Birthday, Nola Right in the middle of this 1986 classic about female no-time-for-male-BS empowerment, bam, a lovely, elegant dance number set to amazing jazz music. Just another ingredient in Spike Lee's (mostly) wonderfully smart romcom. CRACKED.COM

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The End of Evangelion

Random Musical Numbers The End of Evangelion The Third Impact As individuals dissolve in, erm, sci-fi goo we still don't understand, director Hideaki Anno puts an upbeat, chirpy pop song (about suicide). This is unironically one of the most powerful scenes in movie history. CRACKED.COM

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Donnie Darko

Random Musical Numbers Donnie Darko Head Over Heels For everyone who sees Donnie Darko, the scene comes as a life-changing surprise - and still succeeds in capturing the movie's otherworldly magic in just a few minutes, while also reminding us how awesome Tears for Fears is. CRACKED.COM

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