Well, the third season of The Boys ended a while ago, and it was awesome. Seriously, as the MCU keeps disappointing us (some of us haven’t seen Love and Thunder yet, so no spoilers!), The Boys just soared, all drenched in blood and edgy dick jokes. Quality fun. And indeed, what Prime Video’s Pee Billionaire’s show has done is pretty amazing. The idea of adaptations being better than their sources (even according to their creators) is not new, but The Boys surpasses the comic in pretty much every possible sense – which actually means in the one sense that actually counts, considering comic books and TV shows are two incommensurable mediums: its writing.

Indeed, The Boys’ TV show has tightened the story, improved on its themes and ideas, and given its characters way more depth than the mere “what if superheroes were loco??” concept. Also, we know the answer to that question is “Jared Leto playing comic book characters”, and it sucks. As for The Boys, we’ve already devoted an entire Pictofacts to the show for all you hungry, thirsty Pictofans (yeah, we know you’re out there). In this latest version, we add a bunch of facts about the show, its production, some behind-the-scenes stories, and even facts about the comic books themselves. We have no delusions about these facts, by the way. Our hope is only that when Season 4 comes out and you’re blazed out of your skull binging it with a friend, you’ll stop those funny, awkward-silence thoughts by blurting one of these awesome facts out. That’s what we want, that’s why we care, Pictofans.

Superpowered Boys

The Boys The Boys have superpowers in the comics. Only Kimiko has them in the show, which makes it a big deal when Butcher and Hughie take Temp V in Season 3. In the comics, the Boys already have V-powered, erm, powers. CRACKED.COM

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CRACKED.COM The Boys Homelander is even worse in the comics. Comics Homelander is constantly, erm, having sex with unwitting partners, and even dead bodies. But hey, he sure does say he loves America, uh?

Source: CBR

Kimiko's Singing

The Boys That is actually Kimiko singing. Season 3 went full Hollywood musical with a scene featuring Karen Fukuhara's actual singing voice. She took singing lessons and was part of an a cappella group in her teens, despite having awful stage fright. 100 Heal CRACKED.COM

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The Boys What is it with The Boys and milk? Mother Milk's moniker in the comics comes from the fact that he got superpowers from his mom, while in the show it's for his protecting, nurturing personality. Homelander's milk obsession, however, appears only in the show. CRACKED.COM

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