Who doesn't love a good little brain snack in the middle of the day? (Or more realistically, while you're in the bathroom at your office.) You're not looking for anything too in-depth, just a quick little something something to get you to your next course. Did you know that the Russians aren't supposed to complain about the cold? Or the reason why regular truces were struck between the Germans and French on the Western Front of World War I? Also the sheer amount of the movies that got their titles and major plot points practically by accident? 

We've taken a bunch of these little nuggets of knowledge, individually wrapped them in vacuum sealed little baggies, and leave ‘em for you to distribute into your lil lunch boxes to snack on in the middle of an otherwise boring day. Just make sure you don’t spoil your appetite for the textbooks you're going absorb later, or whatever it is you're into. 


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