Movies. Science. History. Look, dude, you're on Cracked dot com, if you didn't come here to read about that type of shit, then just get lost, bro! This is why we EXIST, my guy! Sorry. We apologize. That was way too aggressive. We didn't mean it. Please come back. We have cookies. And facts. Like, not fiction, dude. This isn't Grimm's fairy tales, bro. It's not Hans Christian Andersen, my G. Also, we promise this Pictofact is really interesting! We promise! Would some teasers help? 


Did you know that, say, Thanos's death was a throwaway idea? Or that Radiohead’s greatest album, OK Computer,  got its name from a random line in a novel? We imagine not. How could you? Why would you? Again, this is Cracked dot com. You're here for this exact reason! Learning things! Making life more fascinating! But if you’d like to learn about that and a dozen other things, check this out. 

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