13 Interesting Nuggets To Level Up Our Trivia Knowledge

13 Interesting Nuggets To Level Up Our Trivia Knowledge

The planet is a strange and fascinating place. There are so many secret aspects of the world that are not immediately obvious when you first look around. We've put together a selection of interesting and entertaining facts to help you broaden your horizons.

Maintaining a healthy sense of wonder about the environment around you might help you strengthen your mind, be healthier, improve your connections, and even increase your chances of success. No promises, but what’s the worst that can happen? 

It's time to equip yourself with some amazing knowledge and information that will boost your confidence and make you feel like a complete genius! So, let’s put your existing knowledge to work.

We all know that work is a never-ending cycle of drudgery and stress unless you have some light and novel infotainment to offer a bit of distraction. So scroll on down, sweet reader, and revel in these bits and bobs of incredible information…

Bears kind of act like big cats - they purr when they're happy or content. That purr-like sound is something they produce when they're say, eating a delicious snack, feeling comfortable, or nursing (if they're a cub). CRACKED.COM


Some monkeys are (theoretically) capable of human speech. Those monkeys (like the Japanese Macaque) have the right vocal anatomy, but not the brain anatomy they'd need to actually talk. CRACKED.COM



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