Celebrities can sometimes seem like they have it all-- Piercing good looks, fulfilling creative careers, and more money in their checking account than most of us could probably ever conceive of. What gives? How about you save some luck and good genes for the rest of us, the meager peasant population? Well, if you want to throw a little extra salt in that wound, many famous actors are also fantastically impressive athletes as well. Give us a break, will ya?

THANKFULLY, this list isn't 100% a bummer, because several actors are notably the exact opposite. Sure, you'll find some Olympic-level stars, but you'll also find a few folks who are so bad at moving their bodies that it actually concerned some of the productions that they've been involved in. Sure, they may still have the charm, the good looks, and all that money-- But we still have that one knock against them, right? Right?

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