31 Times Famous People Showed How Out Of Touch They Really Are

31 Times Famous People Showed How Out Of Touch They Really Are

“Celebs are out of touch” is a statement that will probably shock no one on the planet (except maybe those celebs themselves). However, even though we fully expect it from them, we still end up shell-shocked with some of the things celebs say and do. 

Should that really be the case? Why is anybody surprised? If you're watching Pam And Tommy, what did you expect to see, Tommy Lee gardening and sharpening his lawnmower blades? No, but you're probably still in awe of his alleged behavior. And that's what keeps us coming back. It's almost like they know we're fascinated by the seemingly never-ending nonsense streaming forth from their Tinseltown cans. 

That being said, it sure is fun to make fun of them for it, isn't it? We're going to take the position that we're all winners here. Participation trophies all around. We're all in this together. 

Celebs, you keep behaving badly and saying stupid things. Normies, you keep sipping your coffee and try not to spill it on your phone when you find out what Salma Hayek said about kids, pizza and her private chef.

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