14 Startlingly Athletic Hollywood Actors

You expect me to believe that handsome people also have good bodies?
14 Startlingly Athletic Hollywood Actors

It's disturbing to think how many professional athletes are one injury away from becoming beloved actors.

Jason Statham Jason Statham ENORACKED.COM Statham made Derbyshire proud as part of Britain's National Diving Squad, making the Commonwealth finals at the 1990 Auckland Games.
The Rock CRACKED.COM Yeah, no duh, The Rock was a pro wrestler. But before that, he won a national championship with the Miami Hurricanes as a defensive end. An injury kept him out of the NFL, but he played Canadian ball for a little while.
Burt Reynolds w 5 CRACKED.COM Burt got a scholarship to Florida State as a running back, and finished his career with a whopping... 146 yards. An injury and a car crash kept him from playing past his freshman year.
Terry Crews FDCCE OF NATIRE CRACKED.COM Crews was a defensive end in college, and was drafted onto the LA Rams. He bopped around the league for 32 games before changing careers.
Joel McHale CRACKED.COM Hollywood's smarmiest man was recruited to the U of Washington's crew team, but opted to quit and walk on to the football team. He made the squad, and didn't play in a single game... but still managed to earn the respect of his teamates and a Rose Bowl ring.
Uzo Aduba CRACKED.COM Crazy Eyes was a scholarship sprinter at Boston College, only missing out on setting a school record in the 55 meter by.04 seconds.
Forest Whitaker CRACKED.COM Whitaker got a scholarship to California State Polytechnic University, but an injury caused him to quit the team and pursue acting.
Dean Cain CRACKED.COM Superman was a star on Princeton's football team in the late 80's (when that was extremely impressive), and snagged a league-record 12 interceptions. He was signed to the Buffalo Bills, but dropped out due to injury.
Ed O'Neill CRACKED.COM Much like AI Bundy, O'Neill is technically a washed up football star. He played at a couple different colleges, and briefly joined the Steelers as an undrafted free agent.
Mark Harmon CRACKED.COM The NCIS star and silver fox was once a young gun starting QB for UCLA's football team. He went 17-5 in two years, including a areer-defining upset win over national champs Nebraska.
Jon Stewart CRACKED.COM Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz played soccer at William & Mary, and even had an award named after him -- the Leibo Award, for the most positive influence on the team's attitude.
Carl Weathers CRACKED.COM The Arrested Development star played linebacker at San Diego State, and went on to play 8 games for the Oakland Raiders.
Tommy Lee Jones CRACKED.COM Jones was named first-team All-lvy League after his undefeated 1968 season with the Harvard football team.
Geena Davis CRACKED.COM After she was already famous, Davis came impressively close to making the US Olympic archery team for the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Specifically, she came in 24th out of the 300 women who tried out.
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