28 Trivia Tidbits About Celebrities

28 Trivia Tidbits About Celebrities

Reality can be stranger than fiction, as the saying goes, and that definitely appears to be true when it comes to celebrity secrets. Do you have any idea which famous film star performed as a lion trainer in his youth, for example? Or how about that famous singer who was blessed with four boobs? Keep on reading for more bizarre but true celebrity facts.

The thing is, who doesn't enjoy a little celebrity rumor now and again? Everybody in the world has a tale to tell, and there's nothing more fascinating than learning new things about people who we irrationally adore. For some, it acts as motivation or a lesson to strive for more, while for others it’s just fascinating.

Even though their lives are constantly in the spotlight, celebrities do somehow manage to keep some aspects of their lives private. Here are 28 things you probably didn't know about the ultra famous…

Jon Stewart was a soccer phenom, in college. If he hadn't broken his knee, he would have gone pro. Stewart's old team at the College of William & Mary even has an award based on him, which is awarded to the player who best affects team's attitude and morale. CRACKED.COM


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