A lot of pop culture creations are somewhat based on real life. For example, did you know Dan Harmon went to Glendale Community College before making Community – a show about a Community College called Greendale? More on that and 28 other surprising influnces behind famous TV shows and movies:

The first season finale of the show Mr Robot was inspired by Fight Club. Fight Club was one of my big inspirations for the show, said creator Sam Esmail, and The Pixies' Where Is My Mind in S1E9 was a nod to that. CRACKED.COM


Avatar: The Last Airbender was inspired by Antarctic exploration documentaries. Animation director Michael Dante DiMartino went through a period of being into documentaries about Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton, and the idea of a small band of people surviving in harsh conditions stuck with him. One night at Bikram Yoga, his friend Bryan Joseph Konietzko had the idea to combine that with a sketch they'd made of a bald kid with an arrow on his head. CRACKED.COM


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