31 Surprising Facts About Iconic Video Games

31 Surprising Facts About Iconic Video Games

So you think you know video games, do ya, big shot? Okay, let’s test your mettle. Do you know about the phantom ship in Assassin’s Creed IV whose crew is left falling upward forever into the sky? How about the much more overtly offensive name they wanted to give to the character who ultimately became Soda Popinski? While we’re on the subject, why is Little Mac so little, anyway?

Try this one on for size: what’s the difference between Dead Rising’s “Zombie Genocider” achievement and Left 4 Dead’s “Zombie Genocidest” achievement? Can you describe Leonard Nimoy’s horrific cameo in a little game called Seaman? Or how about the very literal Easter egg hidden in GTA Vice City?

We’ll give you a few easy ones: why was Street Fighter designed as a two-player game, anyway? How is the Triforce related to Zen Buddhism? What was Doomguy’s first on-screen appearance?

Looks like you’ve got some studying to do, pardner.

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