12 Glitches That Are The Best Part Of The Game

Video game glitches are pretty much the only reason we still play.
12 Glitches That Are The Best Part Of The Game

Video games are pretty great. But what's even greater are the awesome easter eggs that you find littered within them. And we aren't talking about the ones that were intentionally put there by the developers.

No, the greatest gift that a video game can give us is a hysterical glitch. Behold!

12 Glitches That Are The Best Part Of The Game
In Skyrim, you can put a basket over a merchant's head. Siel Goat Cheese Wheel WEIGHT 2 VALUE 10 Then you can do some shoplifting. There are no penalt
In Tomb Raider: Legend, Lara Croft free-climbs a cliff. She does SO by turning into a monster. During cutscenes, she'll morph into a Cronenbergian bod
In Madden NFL 15, M WJim Nantz looks a little ill. PHILSIMMS FA JIM NANTZ SPORTS In fact he is literally green. The glitch only seems to affect Nantz-
In Resident Evil 4, you can hop on a jet-ski to escape. The jet-ski stays behind, however. In the game, you've just rescued the presidlent's daughter
In Mafia ll, the NPCS are SO realistic that they pee. And they won't stop, no matter what. In this game, characters just let it fly, and they will not
A boat in Assassin's Creed IV gets sucked into an abyss. And the sailors are left floating in air. If you claim a ship called the Jackdaw, you might s
In FIFA 12, the practice goalie can turn enormous. SCOrsoand ne 9 SAVIS N But his size doesn't help him tend goal. Attempting to score on the gigantic
You can turn Hey You Pikachu into a monstrosity... ...thanks to trick called cartridge tilting. Slightly misaligning the game cartridge in its slot tu
In Crysis, you have to fight off sharks with a machine gun. Unfortunately these sharks can fly. Thanks to a glitch, not only will the sharks swim thro
In Grand Theft Auto V, Michael can ride a BMX bike. Sometimes while bent over backward. There's more to GTA V than stealing cars and police chases. Th
12 Glitches That Are The Best Part Of The Game

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