When Alfred Pennyworth famously said, "some men just want to watch the world burn," we're pretty sure he was actually talking about video game developers. Like how they have a habit of designing puzzles so impossible, they make life feel hopeless. Or how sometimes they like to plant easter eggs in their games making fun of their rivals. Because video game developers don't give a shit.

For example ...

11 Video Games That Openly Mock Other Games

In Duke Nukem 3D you can find a familiar dismembered corpse. When Duke sees the corpse he'll say, Why sO serious, Sam? SECRET PLACE! FIR AID HERLTH

In Serious Sam 2 you can find a skeleton with yellow hair and a rocket stuck up his ass. Upon seeing the corpse, Sam will say, Dude, you've been hang

11 Video Games That Openly Mock Other Games

In 2015, Bungie offered a questionable sponsorship deal for Destiny. If you bought specially marked cans of Red Bull, you'd get XP boosts for the game

11 Video Games That Openly Mock Other Games

GTA 3 features a mission called Two-Faced Tanner, in which you're sent to kill an undercover cop called Tanner, who's described as strangely animat

11 Video Games That Openly Mock Other Games

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune has an unlockable render mode called Next Gen Filter. When activated, the filter removes the game's bright and vivid colo

In The Witcher 2 you can find a dead assassin's body in a haystack. When Geralt comes near, he'll jokingly say, Guess they'll never learn. It makes

In Left 4 Dead 2 you can find various messages left by other survivors. One such message says, Otis, Out of film, No Helicopter. Zombies are too fast

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