10 Insane Video Game Achievements

We're not sure what's worse, that some evil geniuses conjured these achievements up, or that people actually completed them.
10 Insane Video Game Achievements

Easter eggs and achievements are great ways to extend the life of a video game. After all, realizing there's a whole bunch of secrets to discover adds an extra layer of fun.

Except for the times that the extra layer of fun is actually an extra layer of complete lunacy.

10 Insane Video Game Achievements
Garry's Mod 1MHPPHHP Achievement unlocked YES, I'M THE REAL GARRY! Want to become a stalker and earn an achievement along the way? We got you covered.
MORTAL KOMBAT Achievement unlocked MY KUNG FU IS STRONGER You have to gain mastery of all 28 fighters. To accomplish that, you need to win 2, .800 mat
GEARS OFWARE Il oF P Achievement unlocked SERIOUSLY 3.0 You love playing this game? Well, you won't after attempting this. You'll have to play the gam
PURE HOLD'EM A Q x2y P Achievement unlocked PURE POKER This achievement requires you to get to level 100. Sounds simple, but it'll actually take about
THE STANLEY PARABLE P Achievement unlocked COMMITMENT If you hate Tuesdays, you'll love this achievement, as it tasks you with playing the game for th
LEFT A DEAD 489 89 30 Achievement unlocked ZOMBIE GENOCIDEST The creators of the game saw Dead Rising's Zombie Genocider achievement, which made you
10 Insane Video Game Achievements
METAL GEAR SOLID 2 SONS OF LIBERTY P Achievement unlocked GREAT DANE You'll need to collect 218 dog tags by holding up soldiers and waiting until they
HA L F 2 Achievement unlocked LITTLE ROCKET MAN You'll have to carry a garden gnome from the beginning to the end of the game, then put him into a roc
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