Tell Us Now: 20 Blatant Examples Of Product Placement In Video Games

Tell Us Now: 20 Blatant Examples Of Product Placement In Video Games

We asked Cracked readers on Facebook about video game developers' weirdest attempts to make us buy junk food, and collectively, you could only name 2 of the 3 7 Up games. Amateurs. 

Check out some more sketchy product placements below, and watch our exploration of 5 video games that were just commercials.

TELL US NOW. Dredd VS. Death in fox GRACKED Philip H. says this game was just a big Red Bull commercial. Which is weird, because it's also stated in the game that energy drinks like Red Bull are banned in Mega-City One for being bad for your health.

TELL US NOW. Twisted Metal 4 CRACKED RJ K. remembers the bonkers playable Rob Zombie character: his wish at the end was just playing the video for Dragula.

TELL US NOW. Run Like Hell the CRACKED Austin B. recalls the branded space station vending machines: You hit up Bawls energy drink machines to get health.

TELL US NOW. Michal Jordan: Chaos in the Windy City WHEATIES. Gatorade TOTAL SCORE POWERUP BONUS 0000000 ENEMY BONUS SECRET BONUS CAPTIVE BONUS CRACKED Tulio R. remembers the Gatorade bottles and boxes of Wheaties: The bottle recovers 1 HP and Wheaties recovers the full points.

TELL US NOW. Jet Moto MAN GRAGKED John B. says Team Mt. Dew and all the Pepsi signs and crap in the first 2 Jet Moto games was hard to ignore.

TELL US NOW. Call of Duty CRACKED Jeph G. says CoD has been selling us a little thing called the complex: Call of Duty has always been a recruiting tool for the US Military.

TELL US NOW. Jet Li: Rise to Honor GRACKED Seth B. says the sales pitch didn't end after you bought this game: there's one point in the game where they PLUG THE GAME YOU'RE ACTUALLY PLAYING.

TELL US NOW. Death Stranding CRACKED Jesse R. says these clever devs had you replenish your stamina with Monster energy drinks. You can hardly tell it's an ad!

TELL US NOW. Super Monkey Ball HAIV CRACKED Rob s. still can't get over Super Monkey Ball and all those Dole bananas. They actually removed the Dole logo in the Deluxe Edition because of a licensing dispute.

TELL US NOW. Pikmin CRACKED Harold M. says this thing is basically its own weird little shopping list: You literally pick up Duracell batteries, Pepsi bottle caps, Kiwi shoe polish cans.

TELL US NOW. Fight Night Round 3 SIPIES NSTAPLES CRACKED Garrett s. says the King got his greasy fingers all over this franchise: they threw in stat bonuses to make selecting the King as your trainer a better option.

TELL US NOW. Tapper Budweiser CRACKED Kent K. recalls this blatant Budweiser ad, where the bartender held up a can of Budweiser and said 'This Bud's for you.

TELL US NOW. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles PIZZE Hut GRACKED Alec G. says this arcade game - which was very likely already being played inside of a Pizza Hut - had Pizza Hut signs throughout the whole game.

TELL US NOW. Alan Wake B Pick up batterie! Energizer CRACKED Graham J. says they made the notoriously unreliable flashlight run on Energizer batteries, which was pretty blatant if also mildly confusing.

TELL US NOW. Burnout Paradise EARLY HAS DEGUN CRACKED Andrew B. recalls the controversy that erupted when they actually sold ad space to a political campaign. I think it was Obama-Biden 2012?

TELL US NOW. Chex Quest GRACKED Thomas C. says that, despite its humble origins as a prize that came in cereal boxes, it still ranks as a legendary early fps game.

TELL US NOW. Those 7 Up games GRACKED A lot of people brought up that 7 Up game, but only Joseph N. knew about Spot, (an Othello-style game) and Cool Spot, (a beach-like adventure). Sadly, no one mentioned Spot Goes to Hollywood.

TELL US NOW. Final Fantasy XV bu know something? Going through all that trouble to ade me appreciate Cup Noodles even more CRACKED Lex T. says the whole Cup Noodle side saga sticks out in randomness that completely derails the tone of the rest of the game. In my household we still quote the characters talking about the benefits of Cup Noodles.

TELL US NOW. Yakuza Possession Quit AXE Fragrance BOSS RAINBOW MOUNTAIN BLEND BOSS ZEITAKUBITO BLACK BOSS SUNTORY OOLONG TEA CRACKED Liam R. says this entire franchise takes the cake: It literally has dozens of actual stores and items.

TELL US NOW. Lego Island \mit FREE Comic 1233 sock Inside CRACKED Timm C. says Big Brick is shoving Legos down our throats: Feel like Lego Island was really pushing Legos.
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