The World Of Gaming: Then Vs Now

Time to see how video games have progressed over the decades.
The World Of Gaming: Then Vs Now

Gaming has grown from its humble beginnings as a super niche and nerdy oddity at a science fair in the 1950s to become one of the biggest and most successful entertainment industries.

In recent times, the mobile communications boom has changed the business and ushered in a new era of gamers. Furthermore, gaming has become so ingrained in today's mainstream culture that even grandmothers are familiar with the game Angry Birds.

The very first computer games were invented in the early 1950s. Though video games were not widely accepted until the 1970s and 1980s, when the first video arcade games, as well as gaming consoles, were introduced. Those interesting video games mostly served as educational, research, or demonstration applications.

In the previous couple of decades, gaming has advanced at an astonishing rate. Comparing games from the 1980’s to contemporary titles is like comparing a calculator to a MacBook pro. Today, we'll look at some direct similarities between previous and current gaming products:

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