Handheld Gaming: Then Vs Now

From Game Boy to Game Adult.
Handheld Gaming: Then Vs Now

Have we ever mentioned how much we love video games? From staying up late playing mario when we were kids, to buying the original DOOM floppy disks at our local pharmacy (yes, this was a thing) to basking in the modern technological advances of amazing games like Elden Ring, well, let's just say we are fans of the pastime.

While handheld gaming was once a smaller niche and restrained by technological limitations, the ability to game wherever, whenever without dominating the living room TV has always been a major boom. The fact is, the state of play has evolved A LOT since the game boy.

As gaming has grown and evolved, handheld gaming has had its own chaotic journey. Shrinking, then growing, then adding screens, then removing screens… the handheld market has been through a lot.

We wanted to explore some examples of how handheld gaming has changed from the past to the present.

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HANDHELD GAMING THEN VS. now GRAPHICS Children gather in awe of Here's Witcher III. The the detailed sprite graphics for the minigame graphics of Donkey Kong where YOU play cards Land, a game that would have won an Oscar basically looks like a for visual effects in the QR Code YOU can Game Boy era. This is walk around in. considered playable. CRACKED.COM
HANDHELD GAMING THEN VS. now SCREEN You found your Sword! I + must OK Welcome, adventurer, to There are more pixels in a the expansive glory of the game's home screen icon mythical land of Hyrule! than there were on most Or, at least, what the CRT TVs. Also everything mythical land of Hyrule is a touchscreen, which would look like shown You'll use mostly to on the screen of an ATM. advance text while eating. CRACKED.COM
HANDHELD GAMING THEN VS. now CONTROLS SELECT STORY There are 5 buttons total. There are 8 face buttons, 2 2 of them are used for joysticks, and 4 triggers jump, and one of them is with the option of the select button, which additional paddles. It is just a prank button contains 14 motors, 3 that's not connected to gyroscopes, and a small anything anyway. piece of uranium. CRACKED.COM
HANDHELD GAMING THEN VS. now BATTERY DURACELL moving DURACELL Daily Allen -max DURACELL CELL SELL You may have to swap Advanced rechargeable them out but battery life is batteries mean You can only limited by your play for 3 hours before allowance, distance from a You're on your hands and radio shack, and how knees in the airport trying many AAs YOU can fit in to see if there's a wall your cargo pocket. outlet near this Panera. CRACKED.COM
HANDHELD GAMING THEN VS. now SOUND A trickle of blood emerges You hear the quiet rustle of from your father's left ear grass in the wind and a full after the 6th hour of a car 100-member orchestra in trip listening to what your headphones. You're sounds like someone medium pissed off trying to teach dial-up because the headphones modems to sing. gren't wireless. CRACKED.COM
HANDHELD GAMING THEN VS. now GAME LIBRARY and GAMEBOY we You own 4 games, which You own 63 different YOU keep in a pouch that games, 12 of which are looks like it's for military actually collections of the surgery. You have beaten entire library of a different each game upwards of 25 game system. You are past times. They are your most the opening cutscene in prized possessions. approximately 4 of them. CRACKED.COM
HANDHELD GAMING THEN VS. now ACCESSORIES If YOU want to be able to There are one million play your Game Boy in the accessories available to dark YOU have to purchase turn your console into a a weird little light. steering wheel or a fishing Later in your life YOU will rod or a butterfly knife. realize how much it looked They each cost 85 dollars like a sex toy. and take up an entire shelf. CRACKED.COM
HANDHELD GAMING THEN VS. now MULTIPLAYER You can connect your You can go online and play handheld to your friend's against a 14-year-old with a cable that is Turkish child who destroys perpetually 3 inches YOU in Smash as Isabelle. shorter than would be The connection is SO bad ideal. You lose it every YOU fondly remember the two to three weeks. cables. CRACKED.COM
HANDHELD GAMING THEN VS. now DOES YOUR BACK HUAT ALL THE TIME You are young and You not only purchase an sprightly. Your joints are ergonomic chair but positively packed full of specifically research its cartilage and the type of lumbar support. If YOU pillow YOU own and sleep in the wrong position firmness of your mattress YOU can't move your neck mean nothing to YOU. for 2 days. CRACKED.COM
HANDHELD GAMING THEN VS. now FINAL SHOWDOWN Nicleade GAME BOY.. - All games green squares - Mad if game's only 720p - Infinite battery life kinda - Can leave wall for 3 hours - Simple controls - Try gyroscopic aiming! -Sounds like dying robot - Recognizable sounds - Local multiplayer works -Unusable online play - Was still a child with an - Looks at swing and sighs intact sense of wonder eating lunch outside office CRACKED.COM
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