Iconic Video Game Characters Who Have Changed Dramatically

Who could forget the legendary Mr. Needlemouse?
Iconic Video Game Characters Who Have Changed Dramatically
Whenever your favorite franchise comes out with a new game, it's like catching up with a childhood friend. Maybe they're trying to make a new look work. Or they've made the jump from evil to hero. Sometimes they suddenly have a huge family you've never heard about before.

It's jarring at first, but when you've known someone for 30 years, you just kind of support whatever phase they're in now. Just... maybe cool it with the hats, Mario.
Super Mario THEN NOW ?? AAA 100 Mario, Jumpman, a plumber a carpenter whose sentient who wears a hat grants him hat because the ability to program
SONIC THEN NOW Felix the Cat Same as before, + Mickey but now he's Mouse an alien who corporate immediately mascot meant to leaves his home compete wi
Lara Croft THEN NOW High-res Highly archaeologist's polygonal daughter; still professional raiding tombs. puzzler, She got wilier archaeologist, and m
ac-Man THEN NOW Featureless Spherical circle. 137 humanoid pixels, nugget. Loving family man and soaking wet. GOOGLE doodle.
Samus Aran THEN NOW HY Dynamic Dynamic protagonist of protagonist of a an entire revolutionary genre-defying sidescrolling franchise. adventure. Oh, a
Donkey Kong THEN NOW DK I-000000 The hero of The Big Bad his of own vast someone franchise! else's game. Patriarch of Characterised a of by cowardice
The Sims THEN NOW S AE Wn Cancel Become the Become perfect version someone else of yourself, for a little down to the while. last pixel. Relax, unwind
LINK THEN NOW Lr11 Silent protagonist who lets you experlence the thrill and serenity of exploration by pushing the limits of video game technology.
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