When it comes to Hollywood, there's no shortage of celebrities. And sometimes, those celebrities make appearances in movies and TV shows that have nothing to do with their actual careers. Sometimes they're just there for a quick scene, while other times, they have a more significant role. But either way, it's always interesting to see famous people show up in unexpected places.

Do you believe you've seen every celebrity cameo in your favorite films and television shows? Please reconsider! Some superstars manage to blend into the background so well that you might not even notice them. What's better than a star cameo in a film or television show? A surprise appearance by a star you're not aware of! In this article, we'll look at some of the most subtle celebrity appearances in popular films and television shows. You might be shocked at how many celebrities have managed to keep their appearance a secret — until now! So get ready to do some detective work and see if you can find these elusive superstars. Warning: some of these are really difficult to overlook!

COMEDY NERD Megan Thee Stallion did a cameo appearance once on the NBC show Good Girls. She played Onyx, one of Stan Hill's co-workers, in Season 3. CRACKED.COM


COMEDY NERD They got Burt Reynolds to do an animated cameo appearance on Archer. Не basically played himself in the episode The Man From Jupiter (Reynolds is from Jupiter, FL). CRACKED.COM


COMEDY NERD Stevie Wonder once showed up as a guest star on The Cosby Show. The story is that Theo and Denise have a car accident involving Stevie Wonder, and he gives them a chance to visit his studio (yeah, it's kinda contrived, but it's a sitcom -that's how they work). CRACKED.COM


MARTIN SCORSESE GETS A RIDE FROM TRAVIS IN TAXI DRIVER. CRACKED.COM Scorsese plays the disturbed passenger who plans on killing his wife with a .44 Magnum-the same weapon Travis buys later in the movie.


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