12 Stealthy Celebrities Cameos In Films

12 Stealthy Celebrities Cameos In Films

We're not implying that you've missed some weird cameos in obscure movies. Nope, we're saying you missed appearances by huge, major celebrities in the middle of huge, major films.

Once you start in a film, either as a lead or in a significant supporting role, you have 2 hours to glow and bring a stunning performance. It’s even more challenging to leave a lasting impression when you only have one scene. How these actors enjoy dressing up in ridiculous outfits and hanging out with their coworkers while trying to get attention within the ever-growing media scene. Their cameos are among some of the best in film history.

All of us like to see movies with big stars and the best casts, and there is something about watching our favorite artists pop up in unexpected places that tends to make all of it better. Fans devour surprising celebrity cameos, regardless of whether they appear in a film as themself or as a ridiculous character who is even worse than them.

Don't feel bad -- these people did an amazing job of staying anonymous.

12 Stealthy Celebrities Cameos In Films

In Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Miley Cyrus voices Mainframe, a Ravager on stakar's team. James Gunn had the idea to cast Miley as the voice of the

In The Bank Job, Mick Jagger has a cameo as a bank employee. It shows him as he might look if the Rolling Stones didn't pan out he was a finance and a

In Zootopia, Kristen Bell voices Priscilla, the female sloth at the DMV. The crew Wanted her for the role once they saw the viral Ellen clip about her

Thomas Brodie-Sangster, AKA Jojen Reed from Game of Thrones, plays a First Order officer in The Force Awakens. He jumped at the role, even though it h

Lucy Lawless plays a punk rock girl in Spider-Man. As part of a news program about Spider-Man, a reporter asks what she thinks about him. Guy with ei

Cate Blanchett plays Simon Pegg's ex-girlfriend in Hot Fuzz. She appears in one scene, wearing goggles and a surgical mask. Edgar Wright thought it wo

Slowen Lo, the Last Jedi alien who reports Rose and Finn, is voiced by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The character is the same species as The Force Awakens' E

In Coyote Ugly, Michael Bay is a photographer for The Village Voice. He tries to take photos of the Coyotes during a stage performance, but he's stopp

Casino Royale features Sir Richard Branson as a traveller who gets stopped by airport security. TAYLO asS The filmmakers did it as a favor to Sir Rich

Jimmy Buffett, the Margaritaville singer, briefly appears in Jurassic World. As dinosaurs run wild through the resort and people flee, Buffett tries

12 Stealthy Celebrities Cameos In Films
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