Big-Deal Celebrities Lurking In Famous Movies

These cameos definitely count as Easter eggs.
Big-Deal Celebrities Lurking In Famous Movies

Cameos are so commonplace that they're pretty much expected. Long gone are the days when they were a novel thing. Celebrities pop up all over the place, making winky appearances that literally nobody can miss, and disappearing, probably back into their homes made of Oscars before slipping a perfect jackknife dive into a pool filled with the tears of their acting classmates.

But there are also some next-level cameos that are objectively amazing. It's a famous person showing up in their own biopic. We're looking at you, Hunter S. Thompson. It's the director turning up to make a meta-reference about their career. We're looking at you, Kubrick. Or a ridiculously famous celebrity trying to sneak in under the radar. We're looking at you, Edward Norton. The result is a brilliant cameo that can rightfully be called an Easter egg.

And now we're done looking - you guys go ahead and have at it.

Trevor Noah was the voice of Griot in Black Panther. If that talking A.I. sounded familiar, it's almost certainly because you've seen an episode of Th
The stabby Santa in Hot Fuzz is a famous director. You might remember Simon Pegg getting knifed by an angry Kris Kringle at the beginning of Hot Fuzz.
There was a Beatle in Monty Python's Life of Brian. George Harrison not only donated $3 million to get this movie made, but also founded a company to
David Beckham is hiding in The Man from U.N.C.L.E. The famous soccer player took a break from retirement for an easy-to-miss cameo as a projectionist
The Blues Brothers featured a whole lot of cameos from musicians ... and Steven Spielberg. The legendary director shows up as the county tax assessor
Nathan Fillion played a big blue creep in Guardians of the Galaxy. When Peter Quill and the gang arrive at the Kyln, they're threatened by a big alien
An Oscar-nominated actor went undercover in Kingdom of Heaven. King Baldwin IV was the most famous king to have leprosy. In this 2005 Ridley Scott mov
One of Kurt Russell's most successful movies was one nobody knows he was in. R.J. MacReady was in Forrest Gump? Yup! Even though yOU didn't see him, y
The voice of Beavis and tt-Head was in the South Park movie. One of the most memorable moments in Bigger, Longer & Uncut is when Kenny shows his face
There's a big-deal director playing dead in Hoffa. Danny DeVito and Tim Burton have worked together more times than most people realize. In DeVito's J
George Romero was an FBI agent in Silence of the Lambs. After the conversation in which Clarice tells Hannibal Lecter about the lambs screaming in her
You probably missed Bill Murray in Dumb and Dumber To. His character is hard not to notice, but since he never removes the mask, few have realized he'
Judd Apatow went full frontal in Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping. The Lonely Island's second movie crams in a bunch of different celebrity guest st
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