If you're thinking about writing a cameo into your major motion picture, consider… not doing that. It's a safe bet that whichever beloved personality you're asking to wink directly into the camera will ultimately be disgraced.

Here are a few such instances where, while cute at the time, a celebrity's appearance made a show or movie much more sinister:

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Bill Cosby JACK In retrospect, his bit part as Jack's tor-mentor was probably close to the height of his popularity. This was in 1996, when he was sti

O. J. Simpson DISNEY'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND Simpson appeared as himself in this already unsettling kids' show, which made the truly baffling choic

Lori Loughlin SEINFELD Two years after Full House ended, she was on the Serenity now! episode of Seinfeld, playing Jerry's girlfriend. She later bec
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