38 Bizarre Facts About The Fast Food Industry

38 Bizarre Facts About The Fast Food Industry

Food: we want it, and we want it fast. And if we're being honest? We don't care if it's high in sodium or fat or cholesterol. We don't even care what our bathroom trips are going to be like a few hours from now. We love fast food. We want our burgers, our fries, our Tacos Bell, and maybe some apple pies. Oh, and if the ice cream machine is working? Hit. Us. Up. 

When you think about it, it's kind of a miracle, the way humans have developed a system to serve food that is reasonably consumable within minutes of it being ordered. For most of human history, we had to wait for our meals. No longer! On top of that mind-bending thought, the fast food world is surprisingly exciting and full of surprises. For example, you probably didn't know cocaine consumption made McDonald's change its spoon design. More on that and 37 other facts about the fast food industry:

KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN TAKE Kentucky Fried Chicken AWAY It's finger lickin' good. Southern Hospitality - - - - containers KFC 1952 THANK YOU TM GRACKED.COM The first Colonel Sanders had the look of someone who sold fried meat from a roadside motel in Kentucky, which just so happens to be exactly how KFC started. It's finger licking good takes on a whole new meaning when this sleep paralysis demon is staring through your soul.


The largest McDonald's restaurant isn't in the U.S. .- it's actually in Moscow. M The restaurant, on Pushkin Square, opened in 1990 after 14 years of negotiations, and seated 700 people (and they queued for hours to get in). NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED.COM


U.S. Army technology was vital in the creation of the McRib sandwich. YOUR OLD FRIEND IS BACK. It's the telltale sign of that tangy barbecue sauce The fact that the tender boneless pork is smothered in it mean way of getting POL with.this love affair The McRib is actually restructured meat, which is made using a technique developed by the Army in the '60s to lower its food bill. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED.COM



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