The Night Beyoncé Stole ‘Saturday Night Live’

As the ‘Renaissance’ superstar prepares to take over movie theaters, let us remember the sketch in which she sent up her 2008 hit, a rare instance of her trying comedy — and an unquestioned instance of her beating Andy Samberg, Bobby Moynihan and Justin Timberlake at their own game

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38 Bizarre Facts About the Fast-Food Industry

38 Bizarre Facts About the Fast-Food Industry

Its kind of a miracle, when you think about it, the way humans have developed a system to serve food that is reasonably consumable within minutes of it being ordered. For most of human history, we had to wait for our meals. No longer! On top of that mind-bending thought, the fast-food world is full of surprises. For example, you probably didnt know cocaine consumption made McDonalds change its spoon design. More on that and 37 other facts about the fast-food industry below…

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KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN TAKE Kentucky Fried Chicken AWAY It's finger lickin' good. Southern Hospitality - - - - containers KFC 1952 THANK YOU TM GRACKED.COM The first Colonel Sanders had the look of someone who sold fried meat from a roadside motel in Kentucky, which just so happens to be exactly how KFC started. It's finger licking good takes on a whole new meaning when this sleep paralysis demon is staring through your soul.


The McHotDog danced on Ray Kroc's grave. hot dog ho CRACKED COM Even though the Krocs started off in the hot dog biz, Ray Kroc later refused to sell them at McDonalds because he couldn't be sure the meat was high enough quality. Turns out: Americans don't really care about the quality of their speedy meats!


WENDY'S WE OI ED НА FUNDERS Wendy's 1969 GRACKED.COM Wendy's didn't change up the old timey, western font until recently, but the creepy, Children Of The Corn original drawing of Wendy only lasted half a decade. Wendy herself looked like a portrait you'd find hanging up in a haunted Victorian style house, where her ghost would torment you with the same cold, dead eyes.


The Priazzo was uncookably thick deep-dish pizza. CRACKED.COM Pizza Hut threw an Italian-sounding name on a casserole that was so thick, it took longer to cook than anyone was willing to wait for it.


U.S. Army technology was vital in the creation of the McRib sandwich. YOUR OLD FRIEND IS BACK. It's the telltale sign of that tangy barbecue sauce The fact that the tender boneless pork is smothered in it mean way of getting POL with.this love affair The McRib is actually restructured meat, which is made using a technique developed by the Army in the '60s to lower its food bill. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED.COM



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