15 Fast Food “Innovations” That Were Just… Regular Food

C'mon Taco Bell, give it to me straight.
15 Fast Food “Innovations” That Were Just… Regular Food

In the fast-food industry, sometimes restaurants can name their dishes in a way that is too over-the-top. This can be in terms of the ingredients in the dish, the cooking style, or even the portion size. When customers see these names, they can be turned off by the seeming excess. This can lead them to choose another restaurant that seems more down-to-earth. In addition, overly complicated names can also make it difficult for customers to remember what they ordered. As a result, restaurants should avoid using unnecessarily complicated names for their dishes. Instead, they should focus on creating simple yet appealing names that will resonate with customers and help to build brand loyalty.

We've all been there. You go to a fast-food restaurant, and you order something that is supposed to be an innovation on their menu. But when it comes, it's just a regular old dish that you could have ordered anywhere else. Well, today, we're going to take a look at some of the most famous examples of this "innovation" phenomenon and see how they measure up. Spoiler alert: not well. So if you're feeling burger-ed out (sorry), read on for some food for thought (okay, I’ll stop now).

The Bell Beefer' was a sloppy Joe. Look, Taco Bell is great at coming up with exciting new ways to funnel ground beef down our necks. But horking down something called a beefer is where Americans draw the line.
Peg Leg Chicken was a drumstick. CRACKED COM Long John Silver's tried to crawl from the sea onto land in the 70's and 80's by offering a fried drumstick. Wait -- is that supposed to be... Long John Silver's missing leg???


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