There's something about spooky, scary stuff. Whether you actively like it and seek it out or keep it at arm's length, we're all sorta fascinated by it in our own ways. Like it sparks a morbid fascination or something. 

So we're betting this fits neatly into that window for you, and that you'll cruise through the list, learning things both fascinating and terrible. Like what Britain did to pets in the runup to World War II and Andrew Jackson's nose collection on the terrible side and the museum in Helsinki that has spiders you most certainly do not want to touch on the intriguing side.

It's not spooky season, but we decided to round up a bunch of spooooky facts anyway that will send chills down your spine. Go ahead and grab a flashlight or leave the light on, we certainly won't judge. (Full disclosure: we have all the lights on.)

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