Since his first appearance in the comics back in 1974, Wolverine has been one of the most popular and well-known comic book characters. He's a fan favorite for his tough attitude and animal-like senses, and he's known for his role as a member of the X-Men. In the film, he was brought to life by Hugh Jackman and quickly became a Hollywood superstar. Now, with Logan set to be released in theaters this month, we're taking a look back at the history of this iconic character. From his early years as an outlaw on the run to his days as a superpowered mutant, Wolverine has had an interesting life full of action and adventure.

Everyone has their opinion on who the best Wolverine is. The comic book version or the movie version? Which one is better? In my opinion, the comic book Wolverine is definitely better than the movie Wolverine. Movie Wolverine just doesn't seem to have the same spunk and toughness that comic book Wolverine does. Plus, the movie Wolverine always seems to get killed off, which is not very fun to watch. Comic book Wolverine may be a little gruff at times, but he's someone you don't want to mess with! He's always got your back.

CRACKED VS INTRODUCTION COMIC BOOK WOLVERINE MOVIE WOLVERINE Pilooo Lto FAMBLE SOME COME WITH CRACKED.COM Breaks up a fight We meet movie between two of the Logan cage fighting strongest Marvel drunk Canadians characters, Hulk and and bilking regular Wendigo, like they're a folks out of their couple of punks (The money by hiding his Incredible Hulk #180). mutant abilities.

CRACKED VS APPEARANCE COMIC BOOK WOLVERINE MOVIE WOLVERINE CRACKED.COM 5'3'' hairy 6'3'' leading ball of man with 0% body mean muscle. fat.

CRACKED VS EXPERIMENTATIO COMIC BOOK WOLVERINE MOVIE WOLVERINE CRACKED.COM Adamantium was Adamantium was grafted to his injected into his skeleton with body like he was a nanobots that giant Boston cream allowed the metal donut and covered to have pores his bones, which should like kill them. real bone.

CRACKED VS MILITARY SERVICE COMIC BOOK WOLVERINE MOVIE WOLVERINE RE NOT OUT ASSASSINS DON'T LOOK THE WOODS TOO PLEASED THAT YOU PARTNER KILLED THEIR LEADER. A HAD IT GSHOT COMING NO ARGUMENT CRACKED.COM Wolverine As a prisoner of shows Wolverine up during war, fight helps of his WWII to one captors survive alongside, a and nuclear blast. What save, Captain side are you on, America. Logan?

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CRACKED VS COSTUME COMIC BOOK WOLVERINE MOVIE WOLVERINE CRACKED.COM Wears blue and Wears the yellow to stand same leather out, SO he can pull jumpsuit as his focus from teammates innocent because this bystanders while was the early fighting bad guys. 2000's

CRACKED VS AFFILIATION COMIC BOOK WOLVERINE MOVIE WOLVERINE CRACKED.COM Has worked Has worked alongside with the past Spider-Man, X-Men, the the Fantastic present x-Men, Four, and the and the future Avengers. X-Men.

CRACKED VS DURABILITY COMIC BOOK WOLVERINE MOVIE WOLVERINE CRACKED.COM Healing factor Somehow, a police allowed him to officer managed back to shoot a hole come into his forehead after being despite his reduced to a Adamantium skull skeleton. just under the skin.

CRACKED VS NEMESIS HANDLING COMIC BOOK WOLVERINE MOVIE WOLVERINE CRACKED.COM Wielding that a sword Logan remarks beheading Sabertooth that can slow down is probably the only a mutants' healing way to kill him, but factor, Wolverine they have to join forces to Baraka from lops Sabertooth's stop Mortal Kombat uh, I head clean off. mean Deadpool.

CRACKED VS OLD AGE COMIC BOOK WOLVERINE MOVIE WOLVERINE CRACKED.COM Old Man Logan killed Old-man Logan the despotic Hulk and dies getting a his family of hillbilly, group of baby incest children and mutants across frees the country the Canadian from the rule of border. several villains.

CRACKED VS POINTS FOR MOVIE WOLVERINE COMIC BOOK WOLVERINE MOVIE WOLVERINE CRACKED.COM Wolverine has been a Movie Wolverine has led character in the 7 major roles in the comics for 47 years, films, and as wide as died 15 times, and their quality swings they even his final at least tell a concise moments open the story of a character that door to revive the definitively ends in a Canucklehead. satisfying way.
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