15 Random Facts to Stack On Your Brainshelves

15 Random Facts to Stack On Your Brainshelves

Hey there dear reader. We wanted to check in to see how the old brain shelves were doing these days. We know times are tough and frankly, they look a little barren. There's no need to panic, we see this all the time. That's what we're here for. We're always standing by, ready to restock your inventory of tips, tidbits, factoids, info, intel and general trivia.

We know you know this. Why do you come over to Cracked? Yes, of course -- you come here to avoid doing the job you’re technically getting paid for. But also to learn! That’s why we keep preparing these tidbits of random trivia -- because if you’re going to procrastinate on company time, you might as well increase your knowledge.

For example, did you know your avocados may well be grown by a drug cartel? That would explain why we can't stop eating the dang things.

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