Sometimes the pinnacle of being an well-known actor is to win an award. A Tony, an Oscar, an Emmy, and even a Razzie can bring some clout, acclaim, and fame with it. However, there is one standard that beats any award. Awards are nice but the truest test isn't an actor receiving an award for playing someone (or in some cases something) else, but to play themselves in a film or a TV show.

It's rare, but it does happen. What is even more interesting is not that the actor plays themself but a unflattering version of themself on the screen. They could be regular, good people in real life, but it can be fun to see a serious actor play against their real life type as a jerkbag, an idiot, an egotist, or a down-on-his-luck character actor that loves to get a stew goin'.

Here are some moments when a well-known actor just played themself, literally and figuratively.

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