13 Movies And Shows That Dunked On Themselves

Who knew these guys actually listen to fan complaints?
13 Movies And Shows That Dunked On Themselves

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It's easy to think of movie and TV show producers as humorless and oblivious to criticism. But as it turns out, every now and then they sneak in a little self-ownage for the ages. They'll make jokes at their own expense, calling out flaws and issues in surprisingly self-aware ways.

For example ...

Matt Groening portrayed himself as a trigger-happy drunk in his first Simpsons appearance. REC LI'G IN HELL THE SMPIOs AW 0D GROENING Yes, The Simpso
13 Movies And Shows That Dunked On Themselves
In 30 Rock, Tina Fey called herself a judgmental bitch. coovrioht 02010 nbe 1tudiok ine. shtareserved. 09 During a credits sequence, Liz is going th
A character on Joss Whedon's show Angel hates some of Whedon's work. Fred's mother says her husband loves the Alien films, except for that last one t
In one Arthur episode, the main cast calls out things about the show that don't make sense. ARTHUR ANDY AND COMPANY The cast watches Andy and Company,
13 Movies And Shows That Dunked On Themselves
13 Movies And Shows That Dunked On Themselves
Stargate SG-1 poked fun at all its nonsensical parts in a self-parody. STARGATE SG-1 WORMHOLE X-TREME! The in-universe show Wormhole X-Treme!, based o
Veronica Mars' creator sold out, but he acknowledgedi it. Toward the end of its run, Veronica Mars started using gratuitous product placement, and fan
The producer of the new Battlestar Galactica heckled himself (sort of). In a CSI episode, a dark, gritty reimagining of the fictional sci-fi series As
Gravity Falls used an in-universe spoof show to boo its own big twist. H O The hero of Gravity Falls' in-universe show Duck-tective turned out to have
Stephen King used himself as his character's punching bag. In Cat's Eye, a movie written by King, James Woods' character watches The Dead Zone (based
Through his own creations, Seth MacFarlane called himself a talentless douche. 889 At the end of the Family Guy special It's a Trap, some of the Gri
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