21 of the Funniest Tweets from October 10, 2023

Gotta wonder what the message is…
21 of the Funniest Tweets from October 10, 2023

With Vince Gilligan putting the kibosh on a Heisenberg Jr. spin-off, the Breaking Bad Cinematic Universe has officially run its course. The showrunner, who said he’s proud of the work he did on the series finale, thinks that a return via Walter White’s son wouldn’t only “be the wrong lesson,” but it would be “depressing as hell.” While Gilligan navigates what’s next for himself, Better Call Saul’s Bob Odenkirk already has his next gig lined up: author. The actor teamed up with his artist daughter Erin to immortalize the poems he wrote when his children were younger as a full-fledged children’s book. 

Another show, however, is rushing straight toward a second last hurrah. Last weekend, at a stand-up show in Boston, Jerry Seinfeld was asked to share his thoughts on the final episode of Seinfeld. Surprisingly, he let the audience in on a little secret, telling them “something is going to happen that has to do with that ending.” Nothing has been revealed just yet, but the comic shared that he and series co-creator Larry David have been “thinking about it.” 

Then there’s today’s funny tweets, which include those about a chocolate-y threat, an insane request from Lucy van Pelt and an Instacart shopper who is berry much not seeing heaven. 

spooky paige @BonerWizard 20h Talk to your loved ones, have a plan FILM UPORTES Film Updates @FilmUpd... 1d A new 'WONKA' trailer is imminent. 23 2,016 29K a 1.4M
gibby @ClaireSassman - 1 17h Every it's so over is a gift because it means there's a we're so back right around the corner 22 2,760 18.7K 823K
Justin Whang @JustinWhang 14h ... What I think of every time they make up a new Biden 16 106 2,541 59.5K
internet hall of fame @InternetH0F 9h bro just wanted to relax everybody loves kitty ray mond @kittaveli once we went to the dentist W my mom & it was just us and 1 other guy in the waiting room. jurassic park was starting on the tv so we sat and waited through the entire movie. no names called. as the credits rolled the other man got up and called my moms name. he was the DENTIST 376 7,907 7.4M 152K
wyatt pumpkin @WyattDuncan 17h ... the girls are fighting r/Cheers Join u/based_God17 270d Fuck Diane Chambers Anyone else have bad experiences with the Frasier fan base online? I love both shows but I can't post anything in r/Frasier without getting downvoted into oblivion. No hate, because I love Frasier too, but just noticed this sub is more relaxed 17 42 Share 9 133 1,296 55.2K
giffy @giffyonline . 5h ... I've always said Kathleen Turner should play her in the inevitable movie Alterations & Repairs - The - PHOTO 3 12 246 11.3K
Liv @Liv_Agar.4 4h ... This screenshot a guy voluntarily uploaded to r/tinder is killing me I'm learning how to BEEFFE'S Cent WORKING First date: I let you beat the shit out of me then you steal my wallet and buy yourself dinner 1 Send Like 111 12.9K 426 495K
n @misosoupgf . 23h this makes me laugh so hard everytime i see it im sorry SAUSACE KANDWICH SHERNOCO FRIP 12 326 3,217 146K
Yon Yonson @_AlexandraGG_.23h EXPLAIN IT TO ME. QUICKLY. Replacement suggestion $4.19 1 x Beachside Fraises Strawberries $4.19 16 oz container Replaced with $11.29 1 x Smucker's Uncrustables Uncrustables $7.10 - WPC Peanut Butter & Strawberry Jam Sandwich $11.29 10 ct 32 469 1,522 150K
rishi @rishipuff . 23h i'm not addicted to my phone i'm addicted to my friends. who oftentimes are inside of my phone 47 11.9K 60.7K del 2M
Yung Social Construct @yungscapegoat. 21h Jigsaw when he sees someone struggling with a drug addiction We're gonna kill yo 16 1,393 9,328 del 292K
recovered_file @recovered_file 21h ... Anonymous asked in Entertainment & Music > Polls & Surveys - 1 week ago How can I get into someone's dream? I need to deliver a message + Answer Save 3 487 3,105 103K
boo joey @joeyonline_ 15h ... Republicans every time they try to dig up dirt on the Bidens 21 1,100 11.1K 379K
rob @OkButStill 20h (two women who hate each other at work) 1: any chance we can get some context for this upcoming meeting? thanks! 2: here's a screenshot of the meeting invite where i had already added an agenda. thanks!!!! 43 1,299 22.5K 824K
joanna sui @autumnaI.2 23h What is her fucking problem Peanuts Out of Context @... . 1d YOU KEEP YOUR DIRTY HANDS OUT CAN I PUT MY OF MY GLASS HAND IN YOUR OF MILK!! GLASS OF MILK? 16 1,774 19.1K 1M
Ємилїа @tlstgrlnthwrld.20h ... it looks terrible ...... what do you want us to say ? Sol Brah @SolB... 20h average olive oil in hair enthusiast and shampoo disrespectorr 40 245 10.8K 508K
bailey moon @baileymoon96.17h the sopranos is unrealistic because no one's dad actually goes to therapy 10 756 6,010 del 222K
GEPR stoned cold fox @roastmalone_ 1d ... waiting for the cashier to notice me after I screw up the self check out again 41 8,286 85.1K 2M
Violet Fox @violetbfox.2d At Minnesota's largest corn maze (8.7 miles of paths). Hard DO NOT CALL Maze 911 EXIT IF LOST Stoney Broo ALT 36 927 18.5K 752K
claire rogers @kclairerogers- 1d ... My cousin's 6th-grade breakup is kind of iconic It's not about that at all and it's not u at all So what's it about then It's just like we're really young and I don't think we should be saying ily and I hope I never lose u after like a week especially cause we're only 12 And it's not ur fault at all I'm sry It's fine I guess But it's kinda my fault And had lots of sugar that day and was tired soo But it's fine Nooooooo that is totally not ur fault
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