The Funniest Moment for Each ‘Breaking Bad’ Character

Gallows humor at its finest
The Funniest Moment for Each ‘Breaking Bad’ Character

Breaking Bad may have been one of the greatest dramas to ever grace the small screen, but it also had its fair share of hilarious moments, too. I mean, a brilliant chemist dying of cancer starting a meth ring in order to leave behind the wealth it generates to his family is at least darkly funny, right? 

So strap on your tighty-whities and kick back with a bottle of Schraderbräu, here are the funniest moments for each major character in Breaking Bad… 

Walter White

Episode: “Face Off,” Season 4, Episode 13

Funniest Moment: When Walt attempts to assassinate kingpin Gus Fring by blowing up his car, things quickly go south, which leads to Walt having to carry an active bomb into a hospital. The biggest laugh comes when he gets out of the elevator with the bomb having attached itself to the door. It’s brilliant that a man so smart would forget how magnets work in the intensity of the moment. You had one job to do Walt, one job! 

Jesse Pinkman

Episode: “Pilot,” Season 1, Episode 1

Funniest Moment: Whether it’s his myriad uses for the word “bitch” or his ability to end nearly every sentence with “yo,” Jesse provides plenty of consistent laughs. His best, though, were his first few. Known only as “Captain Cook” in the pilot, Jesse stirs up the hilarity while avoiding his first DEA capture by getting laid right next door. The awkward eye contact and secretive escape between him and Walt, his former high school teacher, is particularly fun. 

Skyler White

Episode: “Open House,” Season 4, Episode 3 

Funniest Moment: While not known for cracking jokes, Skyler still has some funny moments on the show. Case in point: When she screws over Bogdan, the owner of the A1A Car Wash. Staging a fake inspection by Kuby (Bill Burr) to condemn Bogdan’s water, Skyler finds the perfect way to force him to sell. Clever, effective and clean (it’s a car wash after all), it’s always nice when the bad guy beats a “bad” guy.  

Walter Junior

Episode: “Fifty-One,” Season 5A, Episode 4

Funniest Moment: Although Walter Jr.’s time with his sports car was short-lived, it was outstanding to see him live life in the fast lane while driving his infamous 2012 Dodge Challenger SRT-8. But with extreme highs come extreme lows, as Skylar demands that the car be returned since it doesn’t really reflect the values (and income) of a family of humble car-wash owners.

Hank Schrader

Episode: “No Mas,” Season 3, Episode 1

Funniest Moment: When helping Walt move out after Walt and Skyler separate, Hank offers some go-get-‘em advice while also unknowingly helping Walt with his oversized bag of drug money. When asked what’s in the bag, Walt replies, “Half a million in cash.” Hank chuckles, proudly looks at his brother-in-law and says, “That’s the spirit.” Not only does he have Heisenberg right under his nose, but he has the evidence right in his hand. 

Marie Schrader

Episode: “Open House,” Season 4, Episode 3

Funniest Moment: Marie is always good for a laugh with her whimsical phrasing and unwanted advice. However, her biggest laugh comes at her lowest point. While house hunting in the city in which she already owns a home, she expands her kleptomania to household items and finally gets caught. Charges are pressed, and Marie has to go down to the station to get it worked out. The continuation of her thievery throughout the show is probably Breaking Bad’s best running joke.   

Gus Fring

Episode: “Hermanos,” Season 4, Episode 8

Funniest Moment: When Hank gets a hunch that Gus may be involved in Albuquerque’s meth operation, he enlists Walt to help put a tracker on Gus’ car. Walt hesitates and informs Fring prior to doing so. When told of the situation, Gus responds with a smile and tells Walter, “Do it.” Gus then goes on to completely troll Hank’s investigation by only traveling to and from work for a full week.

Saul Goodman

Episode: “Better Call Saul,” Season 2, Episode 8

Funniest Moment: There are endless amounts of fun from Saul, but being dragged out and threatened to be killed by Walt and Jesse is peak comedy. Not only do we hear the laundry list of people Saul suspects could be trying to kill him, but we also get to see the greatness that is the best damn “criminal lawyer” money can buy. Instructing Walt and Jesse to put a dollar in his pocket so he properly becomes their legal representative is a brilliant and hilarious way to present his twisted usage of the legal system.

Mike Ehrmantraut

Episode: “Buyout,” Season 5A, Episode 6

Funniest Moment: When he’s followed by the DEA, Mike Ehrmantraut remains completely chill as he takes his granddaughter out for a day at the park full of swings and ice cream. Before heading back home, he subtly writes a note and stores it in the trash as a fake dead drop. When the DEA agents open the paper, the message is clear: “Fuck you!” 

Tuco Salamanca

Episode: “A No Rough-Tough-Stuff Type of Deal,” Season 1, Episode 7

Funniest Moment: The entire Tuco character is a sick and twisted punchline. He’s incredibly powerful but has the emotional bearing of a toddler, which is perfectly exemplified in the junkyard meeting between himself, Jesse and Walt. Beating to death one of his own gang members with his bare hands in front of his new business partners ranks high on the list of “funny” moments for Tuco. The pride he shows in his bloody fists demonstrate the savagery in which Tuco conducts business, and the type of ship he is running, which is “tight, tight, tight, tight, tight.” 

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