Bill Burr Called Kanye’s Hitler Arc in 2017

Bill Burr Called Kanye’s Hitler Arc in 2017

It takes a special kind of wacko to make Alex Jones look like the voice of reason on his own show, but that’s exactly what Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, accomplished yesterday in a three-hour InfoWars appearance that set the internet ablaze. During the show, the disgraced icon covered his face with a gimp mask, ventured into ventriloquism with a low-effort Benjamin Netanyahu puppet, and proudly proclaimed his admiration and love for Adolf Hitler and all Nazis.

While followers of the music and fashion mogul are hardly surprised that Ye’s unhinged behavior has reached such lows, few people predicted exactly how Ye’s fall from grace has gone down more accurately than Boston’s own Bill Burr. A clip from Ol’ Billy Redface’s 2017 Netflix special, Walk Your Way Out, is making the rounds on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and every other platform that has been plastered with Ye posts since yesterday morning.

Burr saw the swastikas coming from a mile away.

While most music fans saw Ye’s comically inflated ego as an annoying quirk of his larger-than-life public persona, Burr saw deeper into the delusion than most were willing to look. For years, Ye’s massive online following has defended the artist’s “eccentricities” against criticisms like the one levied by Burr in Walk Your Way Out, but what once looked like a hyperbolic hit on a kooky celebrity has since been vindicated as preposterously prescient.

If Oprah somehow gets canceled by Lance Armstrong, then we should all start hitting up Burr for lotto numbers.

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