Here Are the Billboards That Prove Every City in America Has a Saul Goodman

Albuquerque hasn’t cornered the market on sketchy attorneys. They’re everywhere, complete with their own local flair
Here Are the Billboards That Prove Every City in America Has a Saul Goodman

Personal injury lawyers are known for splashing their faces across town with kitschy, looming billboards promoting claims that are dubious at best. Their presence is inescapable, making everyone wonder how these professionals can possibly pay for such overwhelming marketing campaigns. Some of them even have commercials with jingles that are so infectious that they become ingrained in the minds of the local masses. Case in point: If you lived in New York City for any amount of time, you’ll find yourself randomly singing “888-8888” at any given moment.

Thanks to one Saul Goodman, brought to life by Bob Odenkirk in Better Call Saul, we have a renewed appreciation for these notorious attorneys. In fact, the instantly iconic red and yellow logo of the Breaking Bad spin-off takes its cues from these billboards, poking fun at such shifty lawyers. And in meta fashion, some lawyers have even adopted the branding from the AMC series for their own splashy signs, which probably isn’t the best business strategy given the nature of the show. Regardless, you can’t fault them for cashing in.

Recently, people took to Twitter to prove that every city has a Saul Goodman. It’s a lot of fun to take stock of such a nationwide rogues’ gallery, but we strongly advise against contacting them if you ever find yourself in an automotive accident.


Los Angeles/Orange County

Kansas City












New York City

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