21 of the Funniest Tweets from September 25, 2023

A new day brings new comedy
21 of the Funniest Tweets from September 25, 2023

After 146 days of stalemate and strikes, the WGA and AMPTP have finally reached a tentative agreement. The rank-and-file still need to review the deal before it’s approved and ratified, but at least a light appears to be at the end of the tunnel. That said, while WGA picketing will stop, its members are still encouraged to support SAG-AFTRA members as their strike rages on. WGA leadership closed out their statement to members by noting that the deal is “exceptional” with “meaningful gains and protections” for writers at every career level. And to think, all Drew Barrymore had to do was wait two weeks, and she wouldn’t have burned through every bit of goodwill she’s earned in recent years. 

Although the late-night shows will be the first to return to the airwaves — likely sometime in October — their hosts have been quickly overshadowed by another return to the office. Puck News revealed that Greg Daniels is reportedly looking to reboot The Office. The potential reboot would feature a mix of old and new faces roaming the halls of Dunder Mifflin’s Scranton branch, with actors like Jenna Fischer and Leslie David Baker already expressing interest in returning. Maybe the 11th time will be the charm for Steve Carell and his Emmy quest for Michael Scott

A new week has also brought with it a fresh serving of hilarious tweets, including those about Taylor Swift touching down at Arrowhead Stadium, half of an anesthesiologist’s favorite sentence and Martin Scorsese’s continued vendetta against the superhero movie-industrial complex…

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taddy mason @no_goblins 21h We need a slur for the type of woman who's watched so many true crime shows and tiktoks that she thinks she's always moments away from being human trafficked 229 1,664 21K 998K
Pot @ItsJustPotBeats 4h BULL Boy was in the stands like pick a play and l'll run it rn on god @ian693.23h Big E Mike McDaniel is so good. Не also in the stands greeting fans during the game. #MiamiDolphins #FinsUp Do HILI LIPPLE FAYLON 99 230 10.2K 59K 3.4M
jestin @jestingtime. 1 15h don't worry logan everybody makes mistakes I Enox rump bernt my house down and I thout I was going to get killed by my pearants but they sead don't worry everybody makes mistakes EnoX Grumpyy For 8 minutter siden 34 8 4 26 726 25.7K
married couple that shares a toothbrush @Gar... 1d ... What Going 2 Days Without A Beer Looks Like 2 29 633 dJ 20.8K
rare insults @insultsrare 17h mr whelming MEP @ZOverwhelming if i walk into a girls house and she got like 50 plants i know shes a keeper because she already takes care of a bunch of useless fucks whats one more 97 5,163 72.7K 2.5M
LJ @crotchner2.22h women have thought about the roman empire in ways you couldn't possibly comprehend 4 249 70.5K 2,633
jaden @everwh0res 17h travis kelce when taylor swift actually showed up to his game: C KITP ... 0:06 From Morgan 19 905 20.6K 784K
the morally corrupt juan barquin @woahitsjua... 15h ... david byrne in a saw trap: How did I get here? 6 236 2,140 74.5K
sophia @pastoralcomical - 1 14h men don't say fascinating creature! after a woman leaves a room anymore 29 822 8,168 239K
Curlworks @curlworks_ 18h ... IN THE WILD CACCORE Min zapa JDM JUN 10.00 FOWLER MAKE MINNESOTA BIGGER 7 63 837 15.6K
catarina. @cacmrg 2h a second martin scorsese has hit marvel. V Variety @Variety . 3h Martin Scorsese Says 'Fight Back' Against Comic Book Movie Culture by Supporting Directors Like Christopher Nolan: 'We've Got to Save Cinema' variety.com/2023/ film/news... 40 751 19.8K
latke @latkedelrey 15h i love when you get put under anesthesia for surgery and the anesthesiologist is like you're gonna start feeling kind of and then you never hear the end of the sentence cus you're already floating away to the zonk zone 32 71 1,907 du 71K
Patr #1 Trevor Story Supporter (On Record) @Cole... . 19h ... Travis Kelce says ONE TIME on a podcast that he wanted to talk to Taylor Swift and now they're dating but when I say the same about Rihanna for 6 years all I get is a restraining order 21 544 8,807 del 620K
Hurt CoPain @SaeedDiCaprio 14m huge day for the most annoying person you know JD Dexerto @Dexerto . 1 17m 'The Office' is reportedly getting rebooted ENT College 29 199 3,414 82.1K
суп @_cyyndaquil 1d Dericka Monae Follow ... Jan 9 Male strippers scare me, like why you got a thong on with timbs Like Comment Share 48 3,557 33K 1M
Larry Fitzmaurice @lfitzmaurice 12h ... Unfortunately a key part of the WGA deal is increasing the number of sex scenes in all movies 61 609 9,400 483K
Jeff McDevitt @JeffMcDev 12h ee er Taylor Swift met Andy Reid postgame 4/5 58 2,475 38.5K 1.7M
Colin McLaughlin is a Strike Boy @colinthecra... 12h ... Colin McLaughlin is a Strike Boy @colinthe... 2d waiting for the WGA to tell me to take in the sheets 136 1,272 59.1K
Annie @w0a0i0f . 19h girlhood is a spectrum moonllowerette wounded baby animal iStock Credit sunabesyou an amalgamation of all the worst parts of her father Letícia @yxakirves • 1d sunday girlhood is a spectrum wounded grotesque bu aby animal 34 3,641 1.1M 23.1K
The Sopranos Guy™ @uncle_june 17h Meadow: dad are you in the mafia? Tony: gettyimages Credit: CBS Photo Archive 81156287 29 1,526 14.2K 634K
jude of @mariyelowjacket 13h this is how i find out the writers strike is over FILM UPDATES Film Updates @FilmUpdates.13h GIF ALT 25 1,520 27.6K 746K
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