16 Milestone Performances of Steve Carell

It takes a lot of milestones to go from funny guy to HUGE funny (and sometimes serious) guy.
16 Milestone Performances of Steve Carell

Steve Carell has been one of the biggest comedy powerhouses for over twenty years. Whether you know him as Michael Scott from The Office, his time as a correspondent on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, or a schmuck from Dinner for Schmucks, you know him as a guy that can deliver a good performance and get a good laugh from an audience on TV or film (except for Dinner for Schmucks, but we can forgive him for that).

In order to have a career like Steve Carell, you have to create certain milestone performances to get you from your first big break to your next bigger break to stardom to being the face of a franchise to having a lauded award-winning career that people make internet articles about.

Here are some of the most celebrated and memorable performances made by Steve Carell that made him go from “that one funny guy from that thing” to one of the top performers in the United States today.

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