33 Surprising Facts About Superhero Movies

33 Surprising Facts About Superhero Movies

As far as Easter eggs, clever references and sneaky winks are concerned, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse might be the most meta superhero adventure ever put to film, with nods to Spider-Man merchandise and storylines, Marvel’s multiverse and even comic art styles. Allow us to spoil it all for you below — along with 32 other Easter eggs and behind-the-scenes facts about superhero movies and shows...

BEHIND-THE-SCENESED FACTS THE SHOW IS ABOUT IDENTITY AND SELF-ACCEPTANCE. LOK Director Kate Herron says that at its core, the show is about Loki's self-acceptance as a gray-area person. What makes someone truly good or what makes someone truly bad, and are we either of those things? CRACKED.COM



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