26 of the Funniest Ways People Have Injured Themselves

Pigeons are more dangerous than you think
26 of the Funniest Ways People Have Injured Themselves

Unless you’re on Jackass, you’re likely not going out of your way to cause yourself bodily harm. After all, serious injuries can lead to hospital visits, physical therapy, and in some cases, permanent damage to one’s body. On the flip side, though, accidental injuries can be very funny, and a lot of silly mishaps have wound up on candid/Ring cameras or in viral tweets, all for the express purpose of entertaining us. 

To that end, over the years, Redditors have shared the hilarious ways they’ve inadvertently hurt themselves. While it might not have been funny at the time, they certainly found a way to appreciate the moment after the fact. And so, here are injuries that’ll even have the Looney Tunes gang envious of the physical comedy therein…

girlwithasixpack . . 4y My friend tore her MCL playing duck-duck-goose. And she couldn't go to the special sports injury clinic for treatment because they don't consider duck- duck-goose a sport. ... 18
Burnt_Avacado . 4y I broke my thumb playing chess. Was finally about to win to someone I always lost to and decided to play it up. I went to slam down the piece but my thumb hit the table first with the full impact. Fuck it hurt. ... 5
TimeBiscotti . 4y Not me, but my when my sister and I were around 12-14, she was trying to prove to me how high she could kick her leg in the air, and in doing so somehow managed to knock her own foot out from under herself and fall. It was hilarious. ... 41
Lux_g_Bread 4y I tried to step on a fly and sprained my wrist and ankle Alright I know this sounds really stupid but let me explain. About 2 years ago, my family and I had just moved into our current house. It was the middle of summer and you know flies just love to come in houses during the summer. I can't stand flies (haha get it?) My mom was tired of hearing it fly around so she told me to kill it. Long story short, I had it cornered, on the floor. I had socks on and our carpet
BiancaOlsennn . . 4y I broke my collar bone because a guy suspended me from the ceiling with rope for reasons ... 6
mnpielle_ . 4y Gave myself a black eye when I opened the door to my car ... 5
snakeoil-huckster . 4y Broke my foot on a rug while I was standing on it. ... 6
JustAnotherColdUser . . 4y Had just watched the new elder scrolls trailer, mimicked a mario jump and wacked my head on a door frame by accident. Gave myself a nice little concussion! ... 36
Wackydetective . . 4y Walked across the monkey bars fell right on the clam. I went home crying holding my vag, my mother never looked so scared. When I told her what happened she looked so relieved. ... 10
Ihavenogoodusername . . 4y When I was 9, my dad bought me a set of golf clubs. One day, we had family members over and I showed them to my cousins. Well we had this sand box in the back yard that had one of the board slanted upwards. We discovered that hitting a golf ball into the slanted board would shoot it straight up in the air. Well what we also didn't know is that sometimes said golf ball could also shoot right back at you. That day I had to explain to my dad how I got a golf
anon_lurker_ . . 4y Slid down a flight of stairs on my butt holding a basket of wet laundry, hit a stone paver at the bottom and broke my tailbone. Bonus: this all happened in front of my crush. ... 8
Attempted_Humanity 4y I was a wee lad, my older sister was playing helicopter with me. For those unfamiliar, my sister was on her back holding me in the air with her legs. She pushed me a bit too hard, I flew across the room and landed on my arm (hadn't been trained on helicopter landings yet at 5 years old) Almost a complex fracture, but in the end she cried the whole way to the hospital while I tried to comfort her.
sonia72quebec. 4y Well two hours ago I mopped my kitchen floor. I then slipped on the wet floor, spilled all the bucket water on me and hit my face on the corner of the kitchen table. Now my foot, my ankle and face hurt like shit. ... 11
HawkeyeFLA. . 4y I once got hit by a parked car. ... 49
PureMitten . 4y I crouched down to pet my cat. Partially dislocated my knee and it hurt for a month. I was 23. ... 15
FunToStayAtTheDMCA . 4y I tried to kill a mosquito flying around my head by slapping it against my face, and accidentally cup- hand-clapped my ear, knocking me sideways from the dizziness and injuring my ear drum. I learned the ear-clap thing in self-defense courses many years earlier but always wondered how effective it really was since you didn't do it on the person while practicing... Turns out, even just one ear, VERY. ... 29
ecologicallystressed . 4y Sprained my ankle falling down pool bleachers to show my mom the pecan pie flavored Pringles I was eating ... 24 manicpixiedreamgril 4y That was God punishing you for eating pecan pie Pringles ... 7
notahorse16 . . 4y I stirred my mashed potatoes too quick. I have a burn in the shape of Alaska ... 18
Cunchy . 4y I strained a muscle in my back twisting open a bottle of vodka. ... 80 Sultan_of_Reddit . . 4y The pinnacle of human evolution ... 37
CosmicQuestions . . 4y Licking the foil lid of a yoghurt top and cutting my tongue. It turns out the tongue bleeds a lot and for quite a while. Edit: a word. ... 143
BaconReceptacle . 4y I was napping on the couch and simply attempted to roll over. I somehow threw my back out and was unable to stand straight for a couple of days...because I was sleeping on the couch. ... 29
theofiel . 4y We were walking in 'haunted' woods at night as a couple of teens. Drunk teen me decided it was time to run off into the woods so I could jump out a bit further up to scare the girls. I ran full drunk speed into a tree stump, twisted my ankle and fell on the ground. ... 142
arcant12 . 4y I got dive bombed and smacked in the face HARD by a pigeon. Like direct impact with it going however fast pigeons go. ... 134
bob-ross-the-mighty .  Зу Got a concussion in school while I was doing a test in the computer lab. Had to sneeze and had my head down so I fucking head butted the table and it make the loudest noise In the quietest part of the test my friends started laughing their asses off and then I was dizzy and heard ringing with a splitting headache. Got 2 stitches in my forehead. ... 1
ldgunn1 . 1 11y I had a stretchy belt. I stretched it over my knee and looked at my dad saying Look, Dad, it stretches!! Instantly after that, the belt slipped off my knee and hit me blank in the eyes. I couldn't open my eyes for at least 30 minutes. My dad laughed his ass off. ... 1
DigitalUpload 3y I was playing laser tag in a new place that I'd never been to before. There was a map of the entire play area in the lobby that I just decided to ignore for some reason. There were two teams of 6 and it was pretty competitive because everyone knew everyone. As soon as the doors opened I ran in at full speed. I literally booked it at top speed into the dark, and sprinted face-first into the back wall. I misjudged how big the map was. I played the rest of the game through, feeling something drop
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