25 of the Wildest Insults Ever Tweeted

‘If I put a bird in your head, it'll fly backwards’
25 of the Wildest Insults Ever Tweeted

Twitter is the Wild Wild West of the internet — users of the app don’t even respect who owns it, which makes logging on infinitely better. As such, it’s the one place where you can disagree with someone, type out the most insane combination of words to insult them, put down your phone and go about your day. The only limiting factor — the character limit forces users to get creative with their roasts

And so, we’re eternally grateful for those soldiers on the ground who have dedicated their time to crafting some of the harshest sentences we’ve ever read, because they’ve birthed some truly iconic insults. 

Much like your favorite movie quotes, these burns can weasel their way into your everyday lexicon without you even knowing the origin. Whether it’s telling someone that they look easy to draw or an extremely specific way of telling Michael Rapaport that he’s ugly, Twitter didn’t disappoint when @hey_sita asked “What’s the wildest insult you’ve read on here?

CharlieKnicks @SkoolBusAnarchy-1 19h ... Still lives in my head rent free. U.P.D. earring arricionado @thenubamboo... @southernjawn Replying to @MichaelRapaport and @sleep2dream You literally look like you wake up and die everyday please spare me the cheap weave jokes T FE 2 2 52 1,863
g @jwhitestan 17h @jestermaxxing She looks like someone used a thick bitch ray on a small boy I Could've Just Sat On In With... 7/19/23 CG TikTok @itsdanidmc 2. 3. 1. 4 1:02
( @alexiswore 19h shamelessly adding myself bc i see ppl saying it everywhere now damson idris's secret wife @alexiswore ik if you knock on her head it got an echo 1:00 PM 5/27/21 Twitter for iPhone
ABRIA @jainextdooor - 1 16m If I put a bird in your head it'll fly backwards I'm still not over that one
Sugg @sugglxkxy - 9 9h ... Omg someone said common sense has chased you all your life but you are faster in a comment and I nearly passed AWT
Madima @MaanoMadima 11h ... It doesn't get better than the attached: Your Last @tzwide1 I would take joy in having a mind as good as yours, always fresh and hardly used...
That Rabbit Guy @Son_ImSleep - 11h And he deleted the tweet too. Jas @SymplyJas I found a picture of your wife, I'm gonna go eat and come back. If this tweet is still up l'll show the audience what you sleep besides at night twitter.com/yadio_/status/... You're unable to view this Tweet because this account owner limits who can view their Tweets. Learn more 10:23 11/7/22 Twitter for iPhone 178 Retweets 604 Quote Tweets 420 Likes
Hercules Ceaser @GQSmooth981 6h ... Someone said another person had a 47 year old dodgeball textured face
_j.low_ @wwaytooyoung.6h Shits still funny. Published Author @TerOmer 13h bro do Zendaya even got a last name 100K 748 8,290 Corn @sneerid 13h she got mine 41 314 24.1K Daddy Bugs @BugsKnowsRap Replying to @sneerid and @TerOme You think Zendaya talkin to a mf named Cornelius from Wyoming LMAOO 11:58 AM 11/13/21 Twitter Web App 510 Retweets 99 Quote Tweets 26.4K Likes
jam @unite46.6h ... We gonna use yo daddy ashes and make a new hookah flavor for y'all in ATL @Akikihell 1d ain't gone lie he clocked her ass 11:18 PM 0 0 Sep 23 1,073 Views 8 Reposts 42 Likes
@agudze_.3h I can tell just by looking at your hand, you are not handsome
E @Vandeezal5h Post heem ... @heemglizz How come you never do it KYLESISTER @AriTheDon2/15/22 I've mastered shutting the fuck up and that's the most dangerous shit ever. 4:06 PM 2/15/22 from Earth 10.2K Reposts 505 Quotes 67K Likes 734 Bookmarks
Rob @RSupremeXx.2 20h A @_a_xox21.4d Can someone tell me how to get rid of face fat 58 61 405 moss @manlikemosso Replying to @_a_xox21 there's actually some exercises that can help u lose face fat. turn ur head to ur left, then turn ur head to ur right. do this a few times. now do that every time someone offers u food fattty. 4:23 PM 10/16/22 Twitter for iPhone 107 Retweets 44 Quote Tweets 819 Likes 1 3 584
plata o plomo @SuzyExtra 1d You look like weapons were formed against you GIF 1 14 108 3,165
pAtRo * @p_patr00.2h ... girlyteengurl @Omolotsss It's always those from Gods drafts having the most to say Awa @kvngcheks 3d Getting heartbroken by a fat babe funny to me lol twitter.com/frankiemindset...
Owlette @NgendoNjeru 17h You have a face only a mother can love 1 1 9 818
Agree2Disagree @HotTakeGabe407. 1d ... I remember they told this girl her brain was bowling ball smooth 7 90 3,040
Spooky Bruce @MrSpookyBruce 1d ... You can talk to me when it doesn't look like you sleep on sandpaper. 6 151 7,875
Schrödinger's Pussy Facing the World (Coc... . 1d ... Because how do you come back from this. Your life is finished @ruruswrlddd - 1d Replying to @Blackstalinist3 no way YOURE who's coming for my looks... you look like u snuck on earth pls Imfaooooooooo 397 4,287 8,480 87 4 611 20.1K
Kenya @LaVieEste_belle. 8h Someone once said Harriet Tubman should've left your family behind. 2 13 479
AyandaPearl @Ayanda87629399 1d ... Someone told a top heavy person that they're built like a deep breath. 3 20 260 7,890
morgs @themorgs123. 1d you when I hold the door for them? 212 70 4,395 I AM KING BABAR, BITCH! @Co... 21h ... Same reason you look like u need to stay away from 50 different middle schools 54 20 1,050 idontknowathing @IDKaMFTHING - 17h ... CC 6 99 5,248
Papingo Dabalaya @RadiioRaheem 1d Dude told homegirl she looks easy to draw 1 64 3,652
minho's juice box @playingsims3 1d You're pretty from a distance 28 3,013
Short Man Advocate @Goodluck_Chxck-8h You have 2 braincells and both fighting for 3rd place demotivational speaker. @hey_sita 1d What's the wildest insult you've read on here? 2 8 566
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