15 Hilarious Burns from the Week of August 28, 2023

This week’s insults are both brutal and painfully accurate
15 Hilarious Burns from the Week of August 28, 2023

Perpetual punching bag Ted Cruz is getting roasted yet again. This time around, it’s due to his reaction to a nonexistent guideline that he felt encroached on his God-given right to drink Bud Light with his bros. 

The madness all started when George Koob, the director of the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, told the Daily Mail that the recommended alcoholic intake may shift from two drinks a day to two drinks a week. Naturally, Cruz responded to this completely rationally suggestion with a choreographed beer-swig on Newsmax, while flanked by some blue-collar Americans that he definitely just met that day. The viral video, of course, didn’t do the Texas Senator any favors and he once more found himself on the receiving end of an avalanche of insults. 

From questionable fashion choices to some very bad movie posters, here are other hilarious insults that have been flying this week… 

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