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So The Devil Has Challenged You To A Fiddle Duel

It all started when a guy gave me this fiddle. And I took it because, hey, free fiddle.


Fast & Furious Is Full Of It: 5 Racecar Driver Realities

Not surprisingly, everything Hollywood taught us about fast driving is wrong.


6 Awesome-Looking Things That Are Destroying The World

Approximately 30 percent of the energy used to heat or cool your house flies right out the window, like a dog who just saw a squirrel.


5 Horrifying Things That Should Have Been Illegal Way Sooner

People apparently assumed that crime ceased to exist once you were five miles above the Earth, or that commercial aircraft were under the jurisdiction of Zeus, King of Olympus.


6 Disturbing Realities Behind Your Valentine's Bouquet

Despite what they sell, the flower industry is not always a pretty business -- filled with slavery, disease, and pain.


5 Harsh Realities Of Marrying Someone From Another Country

When you and the person you decide to spend the rest of your life with are from different countries, you face issues that homonational couples would never even think about.


The 5 Most Insane Things People Did To Avoid Being Late

Some people refuse to tell lies, or behave rationally, or do anything that wasn't 100 times worse than just being late for whatever it was they were late for.


6 Amazing Prizes That Sucked When They Read The Fine Print

Always read the fine print, unless you're into winning 5-ton paper weights.


The 6 Most Unintentionally Horrifying Moments In Kids' Games

Many of the horrors of your childhood came from things designed specifically for children. We wonder if kids even knew they were playing nightmare fuel, or if they just rolled with it.


What We're All Getting Wrong About Pickup Artists

Roosh V is so perfectly hateable, I'm still not entirely convinced that he isn't part of a secret marketing campaign by Big Rape Whistle.


5 Apocalyptic Chain Reactions (That Have Already Started)

If you like the fact that you're able to read this article on your smartphone, congratulations -- you and your damn space debris will kill us all.


5 Shockingly Lazy Ways Famous People Recycled Their Old Work

These people literally took their old work and tried to pass it off as new without changing a single thing.


5 Insane Subcultures That Might Become The Next Hipster

Guys, we've gone and done it: we broke hipsters. Now we need a fresh new stereotype to joke about/lust after (depending on your alignment) for the next few years.


We Let Homes Burn Sometimes: 6 Realities As A Firefighter

I wanted a job that utilized my skills learned from a lifetime of watching muscular men in burnt t-shirts save the world. Since I couldn't get a job throwing Hans Gruber off a roof, I decided to join the fire department.


The 5 Most Idiotic Attempts To Save A Life (That Worked)

Disclaimer: If you are currently suffering from an immediate life-threatening condition, note that we are not condoning doing anything stupid like these.