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There's A Public Shaming Industry (And It Held Me Hostage)

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The DC Rape Coverup And 5 Other Horrendous Superhero Plots

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Why Russia Is Like America's Jealous Ex Who Can't Move On

Russia, I said we're done with you.


Check Out This Weird Theory About Trump's Twitter We Found

There's a theory floating that Trump himself tweets from an Android, while his staff are all tweeting from iPhones. And it seems to hold up.


8 Attempts To Stay Hip By Brands (Who Aren't Fooling Anyone)

Millennials are a coveted demographic for advertisers, but like every generation of young people before them, it gets really embarrassing when people try marketing to them.


7 Reasons List Articles Are Totally Dead

We had a truly beautiful time together, Lists. But now I'm afraid we have to part ways.


I'm Paid To Get You Fired: Secrets Of Undercover Store Spies

Even the most mundane worlds have their heroes and villains, and in the retail business, 'mystery shoppers' are both.


The 5 Most Ridiculous Lies That The Whole World Believed

We all know that the media is awash in lies and half-truths. It's a continuous struggle between truth-seekers and B.S. artists, and the problem is that the second group has some pretty dedicated people on its side.


My Job Churning Out The Garbage Behind Clickbait Titles

Young writers are turning to the dreaded content mills to feed themselves. We spoke with a former content mill writer, and here's what we learned.


The Drug Commercial That Gets Way Too Real With You

'When my doctor told me I had Distressing Ass Syndrome, I had a lot of questions.'