15 Unbelievable Pop Culture Numbers And Statistics

15 Unbelievable Pop Culture Numbers And Statistics

Thanks to social media, the monolith we used to refer to as ‘pop culture’ has shattered into a hundred thousand sub-reddit sized pieces. On the other hand, let's face it, we're all still kicking back and watching some iteration of the real housewives in between catching the next Marvel release. All of that to say, pop culture may be changing shape, but it seems to be alive and well.

We wanted to explore some of the unbelievable numbers and statistics behind pop culture. What we discovered may surprise you.

For example, did you know there are 3.1 billion ACTIVE gamers in the world? That's almost 40% of the world's population trying to not be mad cuz bad. Only 8% of that 40% are dedicated console players and it turns out that desktop and mobile are still the most popular mediums of play.

Regardless of him choosing the dark side, a big chunk of U.S. citizens think fondly of ol’ Darth. Read on to learn some more surprising — and at times alarming — pop culture stats.

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70% -the percentage of teenage YouTube subscribers in 2015 who said they related more to their favorite content creators than they do to traditional celebrities. 40% of millennial subscribers said their content creators understood them better than their own friends. CRACKED.COM

Source: Forbes

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