Breaking News: We've Been Playing UNO (And Other Board Games) All Wrong

Breaking News: We've Been Playing UNO  (And Other Board Games) All Wrong

UNO is one of those universally loved games that's easy enough for all generations to play and insidious enough to make us bask in the joy of getting our friends and families to eat dirt and pick up all the cards. Unfortunately, those +2 and +4 draw cards can leave many a UNO player fuming, especially after a pile-up of said cards leads to some poor schmuck having to draw six, eight, or (shudders) more than ten cards from the stack. It's the game that definitively proves how our cruelty truly knows no bounds

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“Oh, cry me a river, Grandma!”

But it turns out that piling those draw cards on top of each other is actually not allowed, according to the makers of the card game themselves. In a Twitter post back in 2019, the creators of the love-to-hate card game decided to firmly put an end to this delightful madness by posting that it's simply not the rules of the game. 

Okay. Well ... that's kind of lame, UNO. And it's not just us with our no-mercy gaming attitudes who feel this way (seriously, don't ever try to challenge us in a game of Twister). Many UNO fans told the company as politely as they possibly could to go eat their own stacks and shove this ridiculous rule up their lame gaming butts.

And some simply refused to be told by the makers of the game that they were playing it wrong.

IIt seems UNO isn't the only game we've just gone and changed the rules of, either. Turns out you don't have to take a full journey around the board before you start buying property in Monopoly. In Clue, you can start swinging your finger and make your accusation almost immediately if you want your friends to think you're cheating for some reason. You can skip every turn in Scrabble without having to exchange tiles and simply wait for the perfect time to play that incredible word (which is Oxyphenbutazone, duh) that will get you all those sweet points.

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But changing the rules and tweaking the games is just what we do and will probably never stop doing. So, on that note: Let's talk about why that insufferable Knight can only be moved in such a dumb, show-jumping fashion on a chessboard. 

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