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The 5 Most Insane Improvised Weapons (That Were Animals)

Anything you can get your hands on can become a weapon. ANYTHING. Including nearby animals.


7 Amazing (Yet Uninspiring) Feats of Human Endurance

Some people achieve world records buying running marathons and swimming across oceans. These are not those people.


Reality Shows We'd Actually Watch

We'd have no problem with reality shows if they weren't all unwatchable turds.


9 Beloved Characters Made Horrifying by Japan

Japan can take apart other people's inventions, like radios or TV sets, and put them back together better, cheaper and likely in the shape of Hello Kitty. However, the Japanese skill for reverse engineering works less well when it comes to reconfiguring our beloved pop culture icons.


6 Great Novels that Were Hated in Their Time

Many, if not most, of the books you were handed in high school as required reading were hated by critics and readers alike when they first hit shelves.



5 People Who Turned Awful Disabilities Into Superpowers

These folks not only didn't let horrific injuries and life destroying disabilities get them down, they actually turned them into superpowers.


The 7 Most Insane Things Ever Done to Get Out of Something

Everybody knows a good excuse involves grand theft auto, arson and attempted suicide, amongst other things.


How to Deal With an Angry Customer [COMIC]

Sometimes diffusing the situation is the wrong thing to do, or at least it's less entertaining.


Horrible Fast Food Ideas (That Can't Be Too Far Off)

With products like the KFC Double Down and the new Carl's Jr. Foot-Long Burger, it's hard to imagine what ideas are considered too insane to make the cut in the world of fast food. Consider this a challenge, fast food industry!


Why You Should Beware of Schools from Late Night TV Ads

Kids, do you want to grow up and design video games for a living? Adults, do you want to quit your chumpy job and realize your dream of being an animator or a chef? You might have been tempted by ads like this. Here's why they're bullshit.


The 6 Most Surprising Ways Alcohol Is Actually Good for You

Let's be clear: Alcoholism will kill you dead. But apparently booze can also turn you into Superman.


How to Seize an Oppurtunity [COMIC]

When you're boss says stuff like, 'You gotta strike while the iron's hot ...'it turns out that it's only partially because he hates you.



The Horse Goes VRINSK! 6 Noises Foreign Languages Suck At

Dammit, Japan. Just... dammit.